Today a Federal District Judge in Los Angeles DENIED a lawsuit brought by a Newsom supporter trying to stop the recall claiming it was unconstitutional. We always believed the lawsuit had no merit and the same will be true if the plaintiff tries to bring an emergency appeal. The Recall Election continues as scheduled for […]

Home Stretch and Next Steps

Ballots are being mailed. Voting has begun!
Return your ballot by September 14 Deadline.

 California is at a crossroads. This is one of the most critical elections in the history of our state. It is important everyone participate. We can not afford to sit this one out.

You can help fund the fight at this link:

Two simple questions:

  1. Do you support the Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom? Yes or No.
  2. Who among the list of candidates do you choose to replace Governor Newsom?

With so much at stake, it is important people pay close attention to who they choose to replace Governor Newsom. Some may talk a good game. Some are well qualified for the job, others are not. So, please take a moment to research the candidates and make an informed decision.

It will be of utmost importance the new Governor be open to working directly with the people of this state to help solve some long-standing problems, the tone-deaf legislators have failed to act on. We can make wanted and needed changes on our own.  Water storage and infrastructure modernization, School Choice initiatives and other important propositions CAN be brought to ballot through the public initiative process. The people have the power to recall government officials who fail to do their job. We can amend the state constitution and enact laws through the public initiative process and there is nothing standing in our way.

September 15th, the team will continue our mission to Rebuild California, from the ground up. When we stand together, there is nothing we can’t do. Please join us in the fight to save our great state. It’s time we end the one-party rule. Stop the Democrat Death Grip and make California a place worth calling home again.

Christopher from Riverside County

I am voting to recall Gavin Newsom because he signed a law to ban access for adults to flavored vapor products in adult only vape shops. I smoked for 42 years and quit with vaping and I need access to these products to save my life. Democrats ban vaping and force adults back to smoking. That must end.

Robert from San Mateo County

My friends and I can’t get a vaccine shot. We wondered why. About 20 of us got together this weekend to call ALL of the medical centers, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid Pharmacies in the Bay Area. We had a list of questions to ask in addition to: “Get I get a vaccine shot”. We talked to the Pharmacists and Public service managers. We found out some horrible things. Gavin Newsom and his crew knew that a vaccine system needed to be set-up and that a vaccine was coming over a year ago. He did nothing. He lost or wasted over 20 million doses. None of the mass distribution systems he was told to set-up at Malls, Airports and schools were ever set-up. CVS, Walgreens and RITE AID ARE NOT RECEIVING ANY SHIPMENTS that they were promised. Newsom only hired cute girls and frat bro buddies to run his programs based on their looks and none of them had a clue how to run a mass disaster program. Over 100 top FEMA staffers live in California and he didn’t hire them because they just keep telling him how disorganized he is. He is KILLING PEOPLE and KILLING THE ECONOMY by not having any teams that know what they are doing. He cares about pretty things, pretty restaurants to have his parties at and living his own private pretty life. He does not care about regular Californians. Pfizer and Modena staff live in the Bay Area and their internal staff are “shocked” at how few doses and storage facilities Newsom has. They told him to order and set up ten times as much as he did. California has all the money to get the vaccines out but ZERO organization under Newsom.

Maria from San Diego County

Governor Newsom: Do you think all people are ignorant, or worse yet, stupid? As politicians and elitists go, you are one of the most arrogant, self-important, conceited, patronizing, condescending, hubristic people in the recent past. You and your comrade, Governor Cuomo, appear to be vying for the trophy of most contemptuous, pompous megalomaniac.
But guess what? You are winning hands down. Your current opposition campaign denouncing the efforts to have you removed from office is an unmitigated, repugnant affront to the sensibilities of the people of California.
Implying the recall effort is nothing more than a smear campaign cooked up by “anti-vaxxers, QAnon conspiracy theorists, anti-immigrant activists and Trump supporters,” calling it a “partisan, Republican recall, anti-mask and anti-vax extremists, and pro-Trump forces who want to overturn the last election and have opposed much of what we have done to fight the pandemic” is insulting and scurrilous. Your deliberate attack on Republicans is nothing more than sleight of hand, hoping to deflect from your poor decision-making in running this state and your indefensible COVID response, which has resulted in deleterious, devastating effects on the economy and people of California.

Since your pomposity has clearly blinded you to the truth, let me enlighten you… this recall effort reaches across both sides of the aisle, and beyond. Your myopic view of your constituents is reprehensible and speaks to your utter contempt for the people you were elected to serve. And frankly, I am so sick and tired of left-wing, radical, democrat imbeciles labeling me as a white supremacist, racist, and xenophobe just because I do not subscribe to the leftist ideology. I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am neither a Trump supporter nor a staunch conservative. I am, however, perfectly capable of making up my own mind and forming my own opinions without the influence of intolerant, narrowminded cretins, such as yourself.

There is no conservative conspiracy at play. But you desperately cling to that notion because your hubris and arrogance forbid you from acknowledging that you are an unequivocal failure as governor. Like Governor Cuomo, you want to pat yourself on the back and give yourself kudos for your handling of the COVID crisis. And like Governor Cuomo, your response and handling was, and is, atrocious, feckless, and pernicious. Your self-aggrandizing notwithstanding, you have single-handedly RUINED the lives of millions of people, not to mention destroyed this state, with your draconian rules and restrictions. A year later and we are still suffocating from your government overreach and dictatorial edicts. It was never about the science. It has always been about the power. You revel in the ability to hold sway over your constituents like some sort of lord of the realm. Your imperiousness is superseded only by your hypocrisy. Do you think for one minute people have forgotten about your night out at the French Laundry? While you were dining out – or should I say dining inside – with other rule-breaking hypocrites, sans mask and social distancing, business owners and individual citizens were being fined and even jailed for trying to earn a living and live their lives, and businesses were crushed under the boot of authoritarianism.

Take for example, business owner Angela Marsden, owner of Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill in Los Angeles, who took out a loan for nearly $80,000 to add outdoor seating to her establishment in compliance with guidelines and protocols so that she could continue to operate her business and continue to earn a living only to have outdoor dining shutdown despite the lack of any science or data indicating that eating outdoors contributed to the spread of the virus while, in an insultingly hypocritical move, the City allowed the setup and operation of Kraft Services for a movie crew just yards away from her restaurant. This is just one of dozens of examples of the devastation business owners have endured due to the absurdity of your authoritarian policies.

Make no mistake Governor Newsom, you have drastically underestimate us and our resolve. And the people of California have spoken. This recall has nothing to do with partisan politics but has everything to do with your lack of empathy, humility, compassion, integrity, decency, and principles, coupled with your patronizing superiority, abysmal governing, and your flagrant self-serving interests.
Yes, I gladly signed the petition for recall and would do it every day of the week and twice on Sundays if the law permitted.

Raymond From San Diego County

I don’t normally support the idea of recalls. They cost the state money, and changing governors are what we hold normal elections for. But I’m making an exception for Newsom. By executive order he changed California election laws in violation of the state constitution. By mandating that absentee ballots be sent to every registered voter in the state,  having made no effort to update outdated voter registration rolls, this cunning political act flooded the state with unrequested federal election ballots, effectively empowering unscrupulous activists to harvest ballots and easily cast multiple ballots in the name of others. To further break down voting security, Newsom mandated the ballots would be accepted at temporary sites where zippered insecure soft side cases were used, thus avoiding getting a U.S.Postal cancellation stamp showing date of receipt or zip code of origin, and without any identity verification of the person bringing the mail in ballot as would have been done if the ballot were taken to a polling station. The courts ruled Newsom’s executive order exceeded his authority and threw out the change. Unfortunately the state legislature picked up on the idea and carried it forward. This manipulation of election laws, striking at the heart of the 2020 election integrity, sowed the weeds of suspicion that Trump was able to reap with troubling consequences. A democracy without secure elections is a tinder keg of righteous indignation. For leading the way on this terrible partisan scam, Newsom deserves to be recalled.

Sergio from Los Angeles County

I am supporting the Gavin Newsom recall for the same reason I supported the Gray Davis recall in 2003.  I am a 2nd amendment supporter, and this governor has consistently attacked our right to keep and bear arms.  I have known since 2005, when Gavin Newsom was mayor of San Francisco, that he should not be holding any public office.  During that year he supported an illegal and unconstitutional full-scale ban on private possession of handguns throughout the city (Proposition H).  This measure not only violated CA state law (enacting local gun control ordinances is illegal), it also proved to be unconstitutional once the 2008 landmark supreme court decision in Heller vs. D.C. ruled that citizens have the right to own and maintain operable handguns in their homes for personal protection.  Even more outrageous, this exact illegal law had already been attempted in 1982 by then-mayor of San Francisco, Dianne Feinstein.  Proposition H was nearly identical to the 1982 handgun ban, and was guaranteed to be struck down by an NRA/CRPA lawsuit as the 1982 law had been.  It was, and it resulted in the taxpayers of the city being forced to pay NRA’s attorney fees for the ordeal.  Gavin Newsom in short deliberately HARMED the City of San Francisco in supporting an illegal law which he knew would be struck down in court, and wasted tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

As Governor, Newsom has repeatedly demonstrated that he intends to erode our right to keep and bear arms through as much unconstitutional legislation as possible.  As it stands, those of us who live in Los Angeles County are unable to obtain a CCW permit to legally carry a handgun for self-defense; a right which is well-respected in most states.  This governor does not respect the constitution or the well-being of anyone.  He needs to be made an example of.

Kimberly from Los Angeles County

Just yesterday, Gov. Newsom said that we shouldn’t go back to the way we were a year ago, but should come back much more aware of “racial justice.” God help us.

In essence, he wants to reorganize everyone’s life on the pretext of Covid 19 “safety.”  I don’t think he knows what he’s saying nor cares.  If there is an example of “white privilege” his administration does make that argument.  It’s really liberal elite privilege.  Could a more mediocre, bland, uninspired person be in charge of the world’s fifth largest economy without a cabal in back of him?  The last year was and is part of a long term plan by China to so corrupt the multiple levels of US government that a reasonable person, like one in a third world country, would turn to socialism, and more accurately, Communism.  The Chinese are smart, educated, and hard working.  All things that we are told are “white,” and should not value.  When I called the Governor’s office last summer because the EDD was in chaos, I was told that if I didn’t support checks for illegal immigrants I was racist, by a direct report to the Governor.  Another woman held me in so much contempt she hung up on me and both individuals insisted I watch Our Dear Governor’s daily briefings like a religious ritual.  And I kept writing to my somewhat more capable legislative representatives, all Democrats, but thwarted as well.  EDD was hardly rocket science, and at one time California had great technical prowess that could handle basic accounting and computing.  We weren’t talking about making a new corona virus vaccine or changing from making cars to ventilators in a week.  We were talking about verifying citizenship and sending money.

I will say, the founding fathers may have had trouble quickly scaling up hydrogen cells for energy issues, but they would have breezed through scaling up basic accounting and then some.  If you can’t run EDD, you can’t run anything.  And like the angry father talking to the city council about the teachers not going back to work, if you can’t figure it out, get out of the way and let people who can do it.

We are dealing with the myth of the “elite.”  Actually, Nancy Pelosi and Governor Newsom should love Atlas Shrugged and Ayn Rand.  They could not have these positions in a meritocracy.  They couldn’t be this rich in a meritocracy.  And if we put up with Medieval Feudalism in Hollywood, there was always the option to get a real job.  Which most of us had to anyway because we don’t have relatives in the business or didn’t think to offer sex for position.  They are terrified, Hollywood, of being found out.  Someone else can do your job.  But some actually deal with this like grown-ups eventually or O.D.  But Northern California has been a hotbed, literally with Eric Swawell, of Chinese espionage and intrigue.  The wealth there is underwritten by Beijing.  And what is worst of all about Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Newsom is that they either don’t see it and/or don’t think it is wrong.  They never had a political belief in their lives.

And we are in terrible, terrible danger if Governor Newsom stays in office.  I didn’t like him at first, voted for Antonio Viarigosa, but am still impressed by just how bad he really is.

The next thing that would help the state, country, and world, would be for California revisit breaking up again.  Southern California is paradise compared to Northern California – and it ain’t paradise really.

MB From Fresno County

My reason for recalling is to support the mom and pop stores and restaurants that may not survive because of the shut down. The more we shut down, the more businesses will not survive. Newsom had priorities like passing the law for electrical cars by a certain year during the pandemic and let out prisoners- come on! These aren’t helping the pandemic. Lastly, he is reason why Disneyland is still closed and hurting. This has costed thousands of jobs! This business alone brings in millions for Anaheim/California. Further, I bet some of these laid off employees cannot get unemployment because EDD is a whole other mess. We need more (financial/mental) assistance. We need more freedom/outlet to release the stress and craziness of this pandemic. He does not show data we ask for (dining/theme parks) plus Florida, Texas, etc are doing just fine. I think he should be focusing on other businesses that aren’t adhering to the pandemic than those that are. I do wish we could all get the vaccine ASAP! Lastly, I miss my family and friends! Just some bs.


James From Los Angeles County

I work in live entertainment.  Due to the Governors failed Covid policies my industry is decimated and I am on California’s FAILED Workshare program.  As such I have been on the program since the spring.  The state owes me thousands of dollars in past certifications.  I am still owed from as far back as August.  MY peers and I reach out to the EDD for assistance and rarely get any response.  As of today, I haven’t been paid in a month.  My account was flagged for fraud as were thousands of others.  It’s been 9+ months and the 6th Largest Economy in The World (which Newsome and others love to boast about) can’t even handle an EDD mess, 9 MONTHS!

He’s a dictator more than a Governor.  Our homeless, unemployment, and poverty numbers are skyrocketing while we are unable to make a living.  NOTHING he has done has worked with his handling of Covid.  We are now the epicenter of the worst case numbers in the nation.  We cannot afford his failed policies and leadership any longer.  Recall him ASAP!