For Immediate Release 30 July 2021.
Lead Recall Proponent Orrin Heatlie’s argument in favor of the recall and Newsom’s argument against the recall were filed with the California Secretary of State for inclusion in the Voter Information Guide to be mailed to each registered voter in California. The Recall Proponents’ lead attorney Eric Early today filed suit in Sacramento Superior Court seeking an order to remove Newsom’s false and misleading statements from the guide.

Orrin Heatlie said, “The messaging used by Governor Newsom is divisive and hate filled. He falsely claims, this is a ‘Republican recall’, a Republican take over and power grab,  led by ‘national Republicans who fought to overturn the presidential election and launched efforts to undermine the right to vote across the country,’ etc., etc.”  Newsom seeks to include these same flat-out lies from his supporters’ campaign ads in the Voter Information Guide and we have taken legal action to stop it.  The Voter Information Guide is an official document and the arguments are required to be factual and accurate by law. We will not tolerate Governor Newsom using this platform to spread his lies any further and I’m confident the Court will agree.”

Mike Netter, Main Proponent and Board Member of the Recall Committee said, “Is the Governor that arrogant or is he so ignorant he doesn’t feel that the California Elections Code applies to him? The law clearly states his argument cannot include false or misleading statements. He simply ignored the law and we aren’t going to allow him to get away with it. We are putting our foot down. We demand he retract the rhetoric and stick to the facts, just as we were required to do.”

Lead Counsel for the recall team and California Attorney General Candidate Eric Early added, “Again and again this governor has demonstrated a flagrant disregard for the law. The statements he made in his argument against the recall are false and misleading and violate the Elections Code, which prohibits such language. He needs to be held accountable for misleading the public and we are doing just that.”


202107.30 Verified Petition for Writ of Mandate

Argument to Recall Gavin Newsom

VOTE YES to RECALL Gavin Newsom!

Over two million Californians from all walks of life signed petitions to Recall Gavin Newsom. They love our state and want to make things better. This is our chance to vote for positive change in California and elect a new Governor.

VOTE YES to RECALL Gavin Newsom. Here’s why:

Since Gavin Newsom took office, our problems have gotten worse. Gavin Newsom promised to fix the homeless problem, yet California’s homeless population increased dramatically even while he spent Billions on programs that do not work. Newsom promised to make California more affordable, but prices for gas, food, and housing have surged, making life here unaffordable for many middle and lower-income families.


Gavin Newsom promised to make California safer, but crime and homelessness have spiked since he ordered the early release of nearly twenty thousand prison inmates. Now Newsom is giving another seventy-six thousand the chance to leave prison early, making matters even worse. Gavin Newsom has continually misled the public. He arrogantly claimed to increase fire protection, yet an investigation by the non-partisan Capitol Public Radio concluded otherwise. Newsom cut 150 million dollars from the state’s fire protection budget and he misled the public about his fire protection record. To make things worse, California had a strong inmate firefighting crew. Newsom released many fire crew inmates early and cut their budget.


In November, Newsom told Californians stay home, wear masks, avoid gathering with family and friends. Days later in violation of his orders, he attended a fancy dinner with lobbyists at the exclusive French Laundry restaurant – without masks or social distancing. Newsom also secretly authorized a contract for nearly one-billion-dollars to outsource mask production to a politically connected Chinese company. The Head of that company donated tens of thousands to Newsom’s Campaign. The company was wired half a Billion dollars, without legislature approval. The governor’s office has refused to release information about this publicly. NOTE: California manufacturers could have filled the same order.


Newsom’s Employment Development Department spent over $30 billion in fraudulent payments to criminals and prison inmates, while forcing hundreds of thousands struggling, out-of-work Californians to wait months for their money. Newsom continues to mislead us. California is not “Roaring Back”. Instead, it’s on life support. His arrogance and self-dealing have made our problems worse. Crime is soaring. Homicides up 31% in 2020. Our state now has the worst homeless problem on record and the highest gas prices nationwide. The cost of living has driven many families, businesses, and corporations out of state. Public schools rank 37th K-12 overall and our roads are crumbling. Between 2008 and 2017, California had 4,300 blackouts. On Newsom’s watch, there were 25,281 blackouts in 2019 alone. Our water rationed and mismanaged forests are burning.


We deserve better. We deserve a Governor who will be honest with us. Someone who will work to solve our state’s very real problems: the cost of living, homelessness, crime, failing schools.




We have filed a Motion to Intervene in CA Governor Gavin Newsom’s lawsuit filed last week against his hand-picked Secretary of State Shirley Weber.  Newsom is asking for the Court to allow him to place a “D” next to his name on the recall election ballot, even though Newsom blew the deadline for requiring the Secretary of State to do so by 16 months.  We note that the deadline blown by Newsom is contained in a statute that Newsom himself signed into law.

The people of California have been on the receiving end of scores of outrageous orders and laws issued and signed by Newsom in his self-perceived role as King of California. Throughout his time in office he has acted above-the-law as if he is not subject to California’s Constitution, the State Legislature and the will of the great people of California.

We do not believe the Secretary of State will put up a strong (if any) defense to the lawsuit.  Thus, we are seeking to intervene in the action to hold Newsom to the law.

Newsom well-knows the power of having a D appear next to his name in a California election. As one former Democrat political strategist was quoted last week as saying:

“Most California voters are not deeply engaged, and some may not know Newsom’s party affiliation. … It makes all the sense in the world for the governor to want to be identified on the ballot as a Democrat because … [i]f he can make sure that Democratic voters in California … know that he is one of them, he beats the recall.”[1]

Today the Court set a hearing on our Motion to Intervene for the morning of July 9, 2021.  The Court has indicated that it will either allow us to intervene in the action or at a minimum use our briefs in considering how to rule on Newsom’s lawsuit.

Our legal briefs can be found here

Lead Counsel for California Patriot Coalition and Candidate for California Attorney General Eric Early, stated, “No one is above-the-law, certainly not Gavin Newsom. His terrible judgment, arbitrary and capricious laws, rules and orders have destroyed tens of thousands of small businesses, hundreds of thousands of jobs and countless lives. It is time that he be made to follow his own laws.”


[1]           California Governor Sues to Get Party ID on Recall Ballot, Kathleen Ronayne, June 29, 2021, Associated Press, quoting Darry Stragow.

Recall Election date has been set

Have you been following the RECALL of Ca Governor Gavin Newsom? The recall process passed all hurdles to qualify for ballot and the Lt. Governor announced the special election will be September 14,2021. The mainstream media will not cover the fact, this was the largest ever attempted petition drive in our nation’s history and will be a deciding factor in the future of our state.

Who opposes the recall? Big Tech Tycoons, the Wealthy Political Elite, Corporate Lobbyists and the Union Mob Bosses who want to keep and protect the power structure they have over the people.

Who supports the recall? The people of California, small business owners, the middle class, working families and everyday citizens from all walks of life, every culture, every race and people from across the entire political spectrum.

Gavin and the opposition team have tried everything they could to prevent the recall from happening and we have prevailed each time.  They have filed lawsuits to stop the recall, they have launched smear campaigns, used threats and intimidation tactics to try and get people to remove their signature from the petition and failed.  We, the people, have overcome every obstacle they have thrown at us.

Now the Governor is so nervous about the outcome, he is suing his own Secretary of State to assure a symbol of his political affiliation, the letter (D) be placed next to his name on the ballot, afraid people will not vote for him if it is not there. We have news for Gavin, that will NOT be the only reason the people vote for someone responsible and concerned about California to replace him.

We are in a David and Goliath battle between good and evil. We can WIN, but they will do anything and everything to stay in control.  With (God’s help) our volunteer army, is fighting to help secure a future in California, we can all live with.

The task ahead is simple; get people out to vote! Vote YES to RECALL Gavin Newsom, then VOTE to REPLACE him.

A special election to RECALL and REPLACE Gavin Newsom is about to be announced by the Secretary of State.

This is one of the most important elections in the history of our great state and we all need to do our part. We are all in this together.
If you are able and willing to volunteer, please contact us and let us know how you can help. Volunteers are needed for phone banking, neighborhood canvassing and other activities. If you are on social media, Click Here to join our local community teams.
Gavin Newsom’s liberal socialist “progressive” agenda has failed California on every level. It is his agenda and policies which have led to the highest cost of living, a rampant crime wave and overwhelming increase in homelessness. He is soft on crime and bad for business and needs to be removed from office.
Our way of life in California is under attack and Governor Gavin Newsom is leading the charge.

He has plummeted California into a state of despair. But fear NOT. We can stop him and turn things around. We can recall and replace him with someone who will make California a place people will be proud to call home again, where business can flourish and prosper.

Vote yes to Recall Gavin Newsom and unite to replace him.

This is a fight between good and evil. Failure is NOT an option.

  • This happened under Gavin Newsom’s watch:
  • Mass release of violent prisoners, back onto the street.
  • 20,000 prisoners already granted early release.
  • Death penalty suspended indefinitely.
  • Prisoners with life sentences and LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE now eligible for release.
  • 76,000 additional violent, repeat offenders scheduled for early release.
  • California has plummeted into squalor.
  • Homeless populations grew out of control and now flood the streets.
  • Human waste, trash and needles litter our parks, rivers and creeks.
  • Things are so bad that people and businesses are leaving California in record numbers.
  • California lost a congressional seat for the first time in history as a result of mass exodus.
  • Crime rates have skyrocketed.
  • Drug abuse goes unchecked; addiction is rampant.
    • In LA county alone.
      • Homicides up 95%, GTA up 45%, Rape up 7.8%, Agg. Assault up 12.9%
      • Arson up 22%.
  • Abuse of executive authority Graft and corruption.
    • Business shutdown, beaches closed.
    • California curfews.
    • No singing in church, schools closed.
    • Misallocation of tax funds.
    • Newsom gave NO Bid contracts to his friends and personal donors.
    • 31 billion tax dollars lost to unemployment fraud, scandal and corruption.
    • 31 billion dollars is equal to 62,000 single family homes at $500,000 ea.
    • 242 million dollars gifted on his behalf to charities by donors, at his request.
  • Water and Forest Management
    • Very dry conditions and forest management still not being properly addressed.
      • Increased fire danger with no prisoner fire crews and a shortage of Cal Fire crews.
        • Newsom released the majority, if not all the CDCR inmate fire crews.
        • Newsom closed CDC fire camps and Susanville prison where fire crews are housed.
        • Taxpayers foot the bill as Newsom increased funding to Cal Fire 2 billion dollars to make up the loss.
  • Newsom has No Plan for additional water storage.
  • Lack of water has forced farmers to leave their land fallow, unable to plant their crops.

Do you agree with Gavin Newsom’s open border, sanctuary state policies? Do you agree with Gavin Newsom using our tax dollars to provide medical care, housing, food and clothing for illegal immigrants before first addressing the needs of our Veterans and the homeless crisis? Do you agree California taxpayers should pay reparations, when California was not even a state that participated in slavery? Gavin Newsom says yes you should.

While Californians struggled to survive during the pandemic, Gavin Newsom spent his time signing bills and making executive orders to make things better for prisoners and pedophiles.

Gavin made it possible for fully bearded male inmates to be housed with female inmates, if the inmate were to declare they identified as female.

Gavin Signed SB145 eliminated the registration requirements for certain sex offenses, stating: “offender shall not be required to register if, at the time of the offense, the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor.”

We say Gavin should be removed from office and never be allowed to hold a position of power in government again. If you agree, you can help fund the fight by giving directly to the Official Recall Team Here:

California is in crisis, but help is on the way. You can make a difference by funding the fight! Derail Gavin Newsom’s highspeed train wreck and keep California on the right track.

We count on your donations, and we want your donation to count, so please give directly to the Official Recall Committee Here:

California Secretary of State confirms Recall Governor Gavin Newsom movement collected 1,719,943 signatures.

RecallGavin2020 Leaders thank the People of California for helping make the impossible possible.

May 5, 2021

Contact: Randy Economy, Senior Advisor, Official Media Spokesman, California Patriot Coalition – Recall Gavin Newsom 2020

For Immediate Release

Today the California Secretary of State announced that 1,719,943 signatures in the recall campaign against Gov. Gavin Newsom have been certified as valid and that a special election will be held this fall to remove the most controversial and failed Governor in America.

“Democracy reigns in California. Today, We the People of California celebrate the millions of people who took the recall campaign of California Governor Gavin Newsom into their own hands,” said Orrin Heatlie, Chief Proponent and Chairman of the California Patriot Coalition – Recall  Gavin Newsom.

“Our campaign is ratcheting up for a new phase of our campaign and this grassroots movement,” said Heatlie.

“Remember, is a Citizen Democracy, the final judge and jury are the People of California, not the political elite, not political party bosses and other outsiders.  The People oversee California,” said Randy Economy, Senior Advisor and Official Media Spokesman for the campaign.

“We will not allow failed politician Gavin Newsom to control every aspect of the lives of 40 million Californians,” said Mike Netter, a co-proponent of the RecallGavin2020 campaign.

RecallGavin2020 is an all-volunteer movement that is made up of thousands of full-time volunteers from all 58 counties in California.  “We are fueled by the People, and now we are urging everyone across America who believes in grassroots Democracy to make a small donation to help fuel this  historic campaign,” said Heatlie.

To make a donation online go to   “Every donation is the most important donation, and it is priceless to our official campaign,” said Heatlie.

NOTE:  Orrin Heatlie, Mike Netter and Randy Economy would like to invite members of the media to attend “Friday Night at the French Laundry” at the studio of KABC Talk Radio THIS FRIDAY NIGHT,  MAY 7 beginning at 6 p.m. for interviews.  The address of KABC Talk Radio is 8965 Lindblade St, Culver City, CA 90232.  Call Randy Economy at 562 743 0882 if you plan to attend.

From Long Shot to Imminent, Secretary of State announced today, sufficient signatures have been submitted to qualify for a special election to recall Governor Gavin Newsom

April 26, 2021

Contact: Randy Economy, Senior Advisor, Official Media Spokesman, California Patriot Coalition – Recall Gavin Newsom 2020

For Immediate Release:


Today the Secretary of State announced they received 2,162,774 signatures in the recall campaign against Gov. Newsom. Of those, 1,626,042 have been certified as valid moving the effort into the next phase.  The final verification is due April 29.  What was once dismissed as a long shot has become a historic campaign to remove the controversial leader from office in the highest populated state in America.

“The People of California have done what the politicians thought would be impossible.  This recall movement to remove Governor Gavin Newsom from office has reached yet another milestone,” said Orrin Heatlie, Lead Proponent of the Recall Gavin Newsom campaign and founder of the California Patriot Coalition.

“Our work is just beginning.  Now the real campaign is about to commence,” stressed Heatlie.

“California is at a crossroad.  People are frustrated at the destructive policies, divisive politics and manipulative tactics conducted by Gavin Newsom since the day he became governor.  We cannot continue to allow one elected official in California to control each aspect of our lives without checks and balances,” said Randy Economy, Senior Advisor and Spokesman for RecallGavin2020.

“Gavin Newsom will now be running against himself in the recall election.  He created this recall because of his failed policies.  Newsom has only one person to blame, and this is himself,” said Mike Netter, Co-Proponent of RecallGavin2020.

This has been a bipartisan effort, with more than 30 percent of the signatures gathered coming from Democrats and Declined to State Voters who are not registered with any political party, as well as registered Libertarians.

“This is extremely important to us here in California and others across America. We hope that people who support our effort can make a donation to support our campaign,’ said Heatlie.

To make a donation online go to

Recall Newsom Lead Proponent Orrin Heatlie Slams Senator Josh Newman’s ‘dangerous and reckless’ proposed law that would alter future recall election standards

For Immediate Release
Contact: Randy Economy, Senior Advisor, RecallGavin2020

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

On Monday April 12th Lead Proponent of the Gavin Newsom Recall Orrin Heatlie addressed the Senate Elections Committee, in objection to SB 663, authored by Senator Josh Newman who also sits on the committee.

Senator Newman serves the 29th district and was the subject of a recall, in 2018 where the voters successfully removed him from office.  He was the first State Senator to be removed from office by recall in more than a century.

During the 2020 election he ran again and won his seat back.  Since that time, he has made it his personal mission to radically change the recall process in our state.  The OC Registrar stated in an article published March 12th, “Some of the first legislation Sen. Josh Newman has authored since being elected back to the 29th district seat is about tightening the recall process with twin bills that would remove financial incentives for paid signature gatherers and another to give recall targets a new way to fight back.”

Orrin Heatlie stated, “this is dangerous and reckless legislation, which threatens the very fabric of the recall process.  Privacy is key to participation.  People are already afraid to place their names on a petition, in fear of retaliation and retribution.  This governor has already shown a propensity for retaliation against his opposition. He threatened to pull permits, state licenses or revoke state board certificates for those who oppose his orders.  Earlier he also stated California would no longer contract with companies working on the border wall.

Sen. Newman stated there were safeguards in the bill to prevent retaliation.  But we all know how that has worked in the past. In recent history Lois Lerner abused the power of her office to weaponize the IRS to target conservative businesses and individuals who opposed the Obama Administration. Lois denied the allegations and plead the 5th on nearly every question posed to her during congressional hearings on the matter.

Sen. Newman went on to say, in summary: (Governor Newsom has access to social media and knows the names of the proponents and its not hard to identify the people involved.) He concluded by saying, “if he (Governor Newsom) wanted to retaliate, he would have already.” During the final moments of the hearing Orrin Heatlie respectfully asked to be recognized by the committee chair to reply directly to this comment but was denied.  He later stated, “Governor Newsom has retaliated against the proponents of this recall already. He knows who we are, and his opposition team have gone to great lengths to launch a smear campaign against us. They have delved into our personal and private lives to dredge up anything they could use against us to paint our team in a negative light. Governor Newsom has shown us exactly what he would do with this information, as would any other elected official, if given the opportunity.

Sen. Newman himself stated the bill was amended to exempt smaller communities, where the recall would require less than 50,000 signatures.  He said in summary: (those are small communities, where everyone knows everyone, and the real threat of retaliation exists.) That he acknowledged and admitted personal information of an individual who signs a petition could be used to retaliate against them by the target of a recall on a micro level proves the case it could also be used on a macro level, especially given the fact someone like Governor Newsom has access to unlimited resources.

In an open letter sent to Orrin Heatlie today, Don Perata (Chair State Senate Pro Tem Emeritus), Don demanded “immediate release copies of all the recall petitions you submitted to the County Registrars and Secretary of State.” He threatened, “Our Committee will pay for the cost of making copies. We are prepared to move forward with legal action seeking transparency and disclosure if the copies are not made available.” Adding, “Should you fail to act, we will proceed with further legal remedies. We are willing to discuss this matter but please understand that we will settle for nothing short of immediate release of all the petitions.”


Vice President Kamala Harris’s Trip to Save California Gov. Gavin Newsom Called ‘Costly Political Theater’ by RecallGavin2020 Leaders

For immediate release. Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Contact:  Randy Economy, Senior Advisor-Official Media Spokesman, California Patriot Coalition-Recall Gavin Newsom 2020


The team strongly feels the election to recall Governor Gavin Newsom is a matter between the people of California and their Governor.

Twice over the last week top members of President Joe Biden’s White House have now appeared with Newsom — and on Monday, Newsom appeared with Vice President Harris on a tour of a water treatment plant in Oakland.

Vice President Kamala Harris’s trip to California on Monday, April 5, needs to be called out for what it is: nothing more than a taxpayer-funded campaign stunt and political grandstanding.

When recently asked if she personally planned to visit the Border in response to the building humanitarian crisis there, Vice President Harris openly laughed, as if to mock the reporter for asking the question in the first place.

The RecallGavin2020 team have maintained a strict policy to not intertwine the recall with federal politics. Proponent Mike Netter stated, “This is a matter between the people of California and their governor. It does not involve this president, nor the previous one.” He said, “the vice president’s decision to visit the California Governor and tour a water treatment plant before so much as making an official statement about the border crisis leaves me questioning her political priorities. Where is her sense of compassion she so openly displayed at the border during the previous primary,” Netter concluded.

“Taxpayer paid campaign-style trips like the latest one on Monday, on behalf of the White House, to save Governor Newsom from the People’s Recall, is yet another indication of the gravity of this movement taking place here in California”.  said Randy Economy, Senior Advisor and Official Spokesman for RecallGavin2020.

“At some point, Governor Newsom has to stop hiding behind President Biden and Vice President Harris and face the 2,125,000 California voters from all political backgrounds who have signed the recall petition to have him removed from office,” Economy concluded..

RecallGavin2020 Reaches 2,117,730 Signatures Against California Governor Newsom

OFFICIAL Media Contact:

Randy Economy, Senior Advisor, Official Media Spokesman,


(FOR RELEASE Wednesday, March 17, 2021)


(Los Angeles, California) The official Recall Campaign against California Governor Gavin Newsom has now gathered 2,117,730 signatures in the historic grassroots campaign to remove the highly controversial and divisive political figure.  This figure is expected to grow as all County Receipts are tallied.

Additional signature totals are still being tabulated.  More updated figures will be announced over the next several days.

1,964,203 signatures have been pre-verified from an independent third-party vendor who specializes in getting ballot initiatives to qualify for election here in California.

1,497,000 valid signatures are needed to force a special recall election per California Elections Code.

The announcement was made during an online meeting with campaign leaders and volunteers late Wednesday, March 17th.  Media members throughout the nation also watched the historic announcement.

 Orrin Heatlie, Chairman of The California Patriot Coalition, RecallGavin2020 Committee, made the following statement:

“The People have spoken.  Politics as usual in California are over as we know it to be,” said Heatlie. 

“Governor Newsom has ignored the People’s Recall for months; he can no longer put this head in the sand, “ Heatlie said.

“Under state law, the recall ballot will ask voters two questions: Do they want to recall Newsom, and if so, whom do they want to replace him.  It is that simple,” said Randy Economy, Senior Advisor and Official Media Spokesman to RecallGavin2020.

Newsom cannot appear among the recall candidates.

Lead co-proponent Mike Netter also said the following: “Governor Newsom is now having Democrats, such as Elizabeth Warren and Stacey Abrams,  as well as Bernie Sanders to attack The People’s Recall here in California, so bring it on.”

The California Patriot Coalition/RecallGavin2020 is the official committee responsible for the recall campaign. 

To visit the campaign website, go to All voters of California can view and download the petition to participate in the campaign.