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Home Stretch and Next Steps

Ballots are being mailed. Voting has begun! Return your ballot by September 14 Deadline.  California is at a crossroads. This is one of the most critical elections in the history of our state. It is important everyone participate. We can not afford to sit this one out. You can help fund the fight at this […]

Christopher from Riverside County

I am voting to recall Gavin Newsom because he signed a law to ban access for adults to flavored vapor products in adult only vape shops. I smoked for 42 years and quit with vaping and I need access to these products to save my life. Democrats ban vaping and force adults back to smoking. […]

Robert from San Mateo County

My friends and I can’t get a vaccine shot. We wondered why. About 20 of us got together this weekend to call ALL of the medical centers, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid Pharmacies in the Bay Area. We had a list of questions to ask in addition to: “Get I get a vaccine shot”. We […]

Maria from San Diego County

Governor Newsom: Do you think all people are ignorant, or worse yet, stupid? As politicians and elitists go, you are one of the most arrogant, self-important, conceited, patronizing, condescending, hubristic people in the recent past. You and your comrade, Governor Cuomo, appear to be vying for the trophy of most contemptuous, pompous megalomaniac. But guess […]

Raymond From San Diego County

I don’t normally support the idea of recalls. They cost the state money, and changing governors are what we hold normal elections for. But I’m making an exception for Newsom. By executive order he changed California election laws in violation of the state constitution. By mandating that absentee ballots be sent to every registered voter […]

Sergio from Los Angeles County

I am supporting the Gavin Newsom recall for the same reason I supported the Gray Davis recall in 2003.  I am a 2nd amendment supporter, and this governor has consistently attacked our right to keep and bear arms.  I have known since 2005, when Gavin Newsom was mayor of San Francisco, that he should not […]

Kimberly from Los Angeles County

Just yesterday, Gov. Newsom said that we shouldn’t go back to the way we were a year ago, but should come back much more aware of “racial justice.” God help us. In essence, he wants to reorganize everyone’s life on the pretext of Covid 19 “safety.”  I don’t think he knows what he’s saying nor […]

MB From Fresno County

My reason for recalling is to support the mom and pop stores and restaurants that may not survive because of the shut down. The more we shut down, the more businesses will not survive. Newsom had priorities like passing the law for electrical cars by a certain year during the pandemic and let out prisoners- […]

James From Los Angeles County

I work in live entertainment.  Due to the Governors failed Covid policies my industry is decimated and I am on California’s FAILED Workshare program.  As such I have been on the program since the spring.  The state owes me thousands of dollars in past certifications.  I am still owed from as far back as August.  […]

CJ From San Bernardino County

I want someone who is not corrupted and lives the life of our bible in his personal life, community life and business life since their graduation of high school or since they redeemed themselves. I live in Apple valley and we have never seen any politician come to visit. Whether it is not election or […]