What Are Your Whys?

  • Rules for Thee, but Not for He = French Laundry Indoor Dining, No Mask, 22 guests
  • Extreme Government OVERREACH – Massive Executive Orders – Acting w/o Legislature
  • Mandatory Mail-In Voting
  • On-Going Shutdowns, Loss of Small Businesses, Loss of Jobs
  • Unemployment Checks to Prisoners/Felons in the amount of $1 BILLION
  • $2 BILLION in Unemployment Fraud – overall
  • $80 MILLION on billboard “education” plan to remind people to social distance
  • Unemployment to those who lost jobs due to Covid on HOLD – Inefficient System
  • Granting Clemency for Felons: Those who Raped and Murdered, Even Committed Heinous Crimes Against Children
  • AB 5 – Affecting Truckers & Independent Contractors
  • Highest Homeless Rate in our Nation
  • Infringements of our 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Countless new Gun and Ammo Laws
  • Sanctuary State for Illegals and Criminals
  • Made it Legal for Illegal Aliens to Sit on State Boards
  • Highest State Income Tax in our Nation
  • One of the Highest State Sales Tax in our Nation
  • One of the Highest State Property Tax in our Nation
  • Prop 13 – Attempting to Restructure = Increased Property Tax
  • Highest Vehicle Registration Costs in our Nation
  • Highest Poverty Rate in the Nation
  • Vaccination Requirements for Children or be Fined
  • Water Tax – diverted for Newsom’s “pet” projects
  • Children’s Medical Records Automatically Entered into Database
  • Mandatory Health Insurance or be Fined to Pay for Illegals Health Insurance
  • Prop 47: Reduces Felonies to Misdemeanors of Violent Criminals
  • Constricting Ability for Law Enforcement to do their Jobs
  • No Longer Illegal NOT to Help an Officer in Need
  • Highest Gas Tax in our Nation BEFORE the Corona Virus
  • Teachers No Longer can Discipline Disruptive Students
  • Illegals are Given: Income Tax Refunds, Welfare, Medical Insurance, Housing, Education, Food Stamps, Cell Phones… FREE!
  • Government Overreach – Example: Overruling Vote of the People to Reinstate the Death Penalty, and the list goes on!
  • Redirecting the Gas Tax – Not being used for Improving our Infrastructure: roads, dams, bridges
  • Funds for the Bullet Train to Nowhere – funds being diverted from other areas of need
  • Refusing to set up Water Claim System with Taxes Collected to do just that!
  • PG&E Power Outages & Threatening to Take Over PG&E
  • $20,000,000 of Your Tax Dollars Directed to Study Vaping
  • Funding Illegal Alien owned businesses in the amount of $50 Million because CA received federal funding for the Covid-19/Corona Virus
  • Mandate to wear Masks
  • Mask Squads to Enforce Unlawful Mandate, and Fines for Not Wearing Masks
  • $1 Billion Purchase of Faulty Masks from China, instead of American Made
  • $315 Million Taxpayer Dollars on Second Order of Masks from Same China Company
  • $1.3 Trillion State Debt
  • Fighting to Stop our Central Valley Farmers from Getting the Water They Need
  • Failure to Pay His Own Property Taxes
  • 4% Salary Increase for Newsom and State Lawmakers in 2019; 10% Pay Cut to all State Employees in 2020. Newsom and State Lawmakers still making 6% more
  • Retroactive Tax Planned on Folks Making $1 Million or more
  • Fines for Hiring Tutors or Teachers to Help Children with Distance Learning
  • Puts Teacher’s Union Interests Over Those of Children and Families
  • $12 Million Wasted on Sleep Train Arena to Take Care of COVID Patients – Only 9 People Were Treated
  • Failure to Protect Californians in Nursing Homes from Covid-19
  • Covid-19 Counts Distorted, 541,339 CONFIRMED CASES TOTAL; 10,021 Dead = .0185 of Those Who Test Positive Die; This is .0002 of the Entire State’s Population .02% 8/7/20
  • Fraud in Reporting Covid-19 Numbers
  • Federal Covid-19 Funds Sent to California Being Used for Homeless instead of Education, Medical, Safety and Security
  • Executive Order to Phase Out Gasoline-Powered Cars by 2035
  • Infringements on our 1st Amendment Rights to Protest and Worship
  • Forces Lockdowns Preventing the Right to worship, even singing
  • Dismantled Death Chamber and Redistributed Death Row Inmates through the System
  • Release of Violent Criminals, 8,000 is Now on Track to Hit 18,000
  • Millions are Still Waiting to Receive Unemployment Checks from EDD
  • Approved Statewide Rent Control When it was Voted Down
  • Public Safety Is Being Deliberately Ignored
  • Ability to Raise the Gas Tax at Any Time Without Voter Approval
  • Seeking Billions of Dollars in Collateralized Loans from China
  • Zero Accountability and Transparency on Spending

How Many Reasons Do You Need?

Gavin Newsom Ends the Death Penalty after the people voted to speed them up.

Gov. Gavin Newsom talks about downsizing the High-speed Rail then by Executive order takes money from the Gas Tax to fund it.

Gov. Newsom signs more restrictive gun legislation.

Gov.Newsom Inaugural speech on Sanctuary’s

15 New gun Laws that only hurt the legal Gun owner.

Out of control Homeless Crises

Highest Gas Tax

Gov. Newsom taking money from a Felon? Yep PG&E