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Petition Instructions

1. It is important to verify your paper size matches what you download. Standard paper is Letter 8.5x11. Do NOT print the 8.5x14 document on standard paper, all your signatures will be invalid. If the signature boxes are cut off or the writing is all scrunched up, it will not count. 2. Print the pdf you download from It does not look like an actual document but print it and have it with you at your signing location. 3. Berore you turn it in, check that the county is filled in and that all blanks in the declaration are filled in with the exception of the blank to use if no street number is associated. This is the only one that is optional.

"DIY Recall Packets" - Turn 1 Signature into 25 to in California

"DIY Recall Packets" -Empower the "1 Signer" you get at your booth, to be able to go get 25 more signatures from THEIR family, friends, neighbors, church members, veterans, police and sheriffs and deputies, marines, restaurants owners, small business owners, employees being forced to wear masks ALL DAY, beach goers, and every other Freedom Loving Californian up and down our State, by handing them one of these "DIY Packets" to take home with them. Millions and Millions will sign in and INSTANT. You don't even have to try to convince people. They see your Recall Booth and come running to ask "Where do I SIGN? This guy has got to GO!"" before you even say one word! This thing signs itself! We, meaning YOU TOO have to get this Petition Printed out there. It is so easy and really fun to shake hands and hug and Strengthen ALL of our fellow Patriotic Californians. We just have to let people know that there is a Recall and that's it. After they add their signature to the hundreds of thousands who have already signed, they feel pretty Good! But they feel even BETTER when they get a "DIY" Recall Packet, knowing that they can now join in the effort TOO! You Win! They Win!! California WINS!!! Evil ain't happening 'cause Good People ARE doing something NOW. Even the few remaining Democrats whose Party is now mostly Leftist Socialist and Openly Proud Communists are signing the recall of the governor of California, gavin newsom! No sane person wants to Defund the Police. Everyone is tired of the NEVER DONE BEFORE Shutdowns and the destruction they are causing. The List of grievances and offenses committed by Gavin and the Leftists in Sacramento and San Fransisco runs a mile long. Each person who comes up to sign has three or four reasons of their own as to EXACTLY WHY THEY WANT HIM OUT whether it's CHURCHES doors being Locked, SCHOOLS Shutdown, Separating 4,500,000 Californians by "tattooing" Non-Essential on their souls and putting them out of work and destroying their businesses, Record Unemployment, Masks in Kinder, Elementary, Middle and High Schools and in Every Store you go or Work in, High Taxes and Fees, Wanting to increase PROPERTY TAX while stripping the funding from Charter Schools, Boys using Girls' Bathrooms and Girls Using Boys' Bathrooms in School whenever a child changes their mind, Riots and Looting, Murder and Destruction, Unchallenged Crime, Defunding the Police, Condoning and Praising the Rioters while ignoring or arresting Peaceful Mom's and Dad's and Grandma's and Grandpa's and Children for waving American Flags and Signs about FREEDOM for ALL, Idiotic Beach Closures, Closing Small Businesses while "allowing" Big Box Stores to remain open, banning "Singing" in Church, restricting access to hospitals for Cancer Screening while encouraging Abortions, government sponsored Drug Needle Use, Homelessness EVERYWHERE, Apps to report Poop and Human Waste in your city and on and on and on.................. Remember 2 Weeks? Then 2 Weeks? Then 2 Weeks? Then 2 Weeks? Then 2 Weeks?...... This never done before, ridiculously stupid, unrepeatable Experiment in all of Human History......Quarantining an entire Country's Healthy Strong People......Attempting to exert power and control over a Free Nation and free People thru House Arrests with Fines and Jail for Barbers and Gym Owners and Small Mom and Pop Stores?! Yeah, what a colossal human error that we will never repeat! Work tirelessly and peacefully (only we know what that really means) flood your streets and neighborhoods with these recall petitions - 10,000 at a time. March your Recall Petitions all up and Down California straight to the Quite Peaceful Majority every day and every weekend until we get to whisper the words into the Tyrant and Traitors ears - "pack up your things and leave this town and never come back."

Declaration of Independence 2020 style - Why Californians should recall Gavin Newsom.

This Fourth of July I decided to read the Declaration of Independence and as I read the long list of abuses by King George, I saw so many similaries with Gavin Newsom. I decided to put together this video after making some edits to the original Declaration of Independence that more carefully tracks the abuses by Gavin Newsom.

Recall Gavin Newson -Tito Ortiz Uncaged Episode 34

The American Dream is not dead. Please go to

How California recall elections work and how soon can we get rid of Gavin Newsom.

In this video I will go through the California Constitution and the California statutes to help you understand what the process will be in recalling Gavin Newsom in 2020. Please visit to learn more.

Newsom's Evil Empire Shall End...With a Recall.

The time has come for all of us to step up and bring a stop to the terrible leadership of Gavin Newsom. The Recall is active and we all need to do our part. We need to sign, but signing is not enough, we need to get others to sign. Get the word out.

Update from SOS office

Orrin Heatlie and Christine Abercrombie drop off the petition at the SOS's office

Imagine California 2020

The people are so frustrated they are sending us songs

The official effort to recall Gavin Newsom

07.03.2020 Sign the petition. Volunteer.. Set up a permanent signing location at your business. Set up pop up locations in different public areas. Go to the website to find out how to do more.
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