Kimberly from Los Angeles County

Just yesterday, Gov. Newsom said that we shouldn’t go back to the way we were a year ago, but should come back much more aware of “racial justice.” God help us.

In essence, he wants to reorganize everyone’s life on the pretext of Covid 19 “safety.”  I don’t think he knows what he’s saying nor cares.  If there is an example of “white privilege” his administration does make that argument.  It’s really liberal elite privilege.  Could a more mediocre, bland, uninspired person be in charge of the world’s fifth largest economy without a cabal in back of him?  The last year was and is part of a long term plan by China to so corrupt the multiple levels of US government that a reasonable person, like one in a third world country, would turn to socialism, and more accurately, Communism.  The Chinese are smart, educated, and hard working.  All things that we are told are “white,” and should not value.  When I called the Governor’s office last summer because the EDD was in chaos, I was told that if I didn’t support checks for illegal immigrants I was racist, by a direct report to the Governor.  Another woman held me in so much contempt she hung up on me and both individuals insisted I watch Our Dear Governor’s daily briefings like a religious ritual.  And I kept writing to my somewhat more capable legislative representatives, all Democrats, but thwarted as well.  EDD was hardly rocket science, and at one time California had great technical prowess that could handle basic accounting and computing.  We weren’t talking about making a new corona virus vaccine or changing from making cars to ventilators in a week.  We were talking about verifying citizenship and sending money.

I will say, the founding fathers may have had trouble quickly scaling up hydrogen cells for energy issues, but they would have breezed through scaling up basic accounting and then some.  If you can’t run EDD, you can’t run anything.  And like the angry father talking to the city council about the teachers not going back to work, if you can’t figure it out, get out of the way and let people who can do it.

We are dealing with the myth of the “elite.”  Actually, Nancy Pelosi and Governor Newsom should love Atlas Shrugged and Ayn Rand.  They could not have these positions in a meritocracy.  They couldn’t be this rich in a meritocracy.  And if we put up with Medieval Feudalism in Hollywood, there was always the option to get a real job.  Which most of us had to anyway because we don’t have relatives in the business or didn’t think to offer sex for position.  They are terrified, Hollywood, of being found out.  Someone else can do your job.  But some actually deal with this like grown-ups eventually or O.D.  But Northern California has been a hotbed, literally with Eric Swawell, of Chinese espionage and intrigue.  The wealth there is underwritten by Beijing.  And what is worst of all about Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Newsom is that they either don’t see it and/or don’t think it is wrong.  They never had a political belief in their lives.

And we are in terrible, terrible danger if Governor Newsom stays in office.  I didn’t like him at first, voted for Antonio Viarigosa, but am still impressed by just how bad he really is.

The next thing that would help the state, country, and world, would be for California revisit breaking up again.  Southern California is paradise compared to Northern California – and it ain’t paradise really.