Michael from Contra Costa County

My partner and I just received an 18 page question survey from the Rand organisation and paid for by the State of California. We both wonder just how many millions of tax payer dollars the State of California has wasted on this. There are so many things that need to be done. Just a few. California has some of the worst roads in the country and some of the highest gasoline taxes. We are facing an economic disaster from Covid 19. There is the ever present threat of wildfires caused by mismanagement by the state.
The state of California is the most over regulated state in the country. On top of everything else there is this survey idiocy. Governor Newsom loves spending other peoples money on glitzy, glamorous self-promotion projects that have no benefit to Californians

Robin from Los Angeles County

I have been a voting Democrat in California since 1984 and Gavin Newsom is the WORST governor we’ve ever had. He has signed into legislation that is bad and costly for Homeowner Associations including lengthy tedious election rules and allowing junior dwellings on HOA properties to house the homeless. Instead of REALLY dealing with the issue of homelessness, he’s bringing it closer to our homes. As if California’s homelessness wasn’t bad enough, he unreasonably locked down our state and will cause how many tens of thousands more to be homeless. His handling of the protests was horrible. And trying to blame it all on nail salons it’s even something an intelligent adult would even think of saying. Newsom is inept, incompetent, unintelligent, inadequate as a leader, lacks empathy, and is completely out of his league to even lead a parade let alone the largest state in the country. The problem is I can’t even think of one thing he is good at. Even his smile is fake and insincere.

Larry from San Bernardino county

A 13 yo girl died from a carjacking yesterday because of Newsom’s policy to require no bail for people who commit crimes. For some reason he feels the safety of a criminal takes priority over that of the citizens of this state. The citizens should be able to hold him PERSONALLY responsible for his decisions that endanger the public. Newsom is a friend of the criminals and an extreme danger to ordinary citizens of the state of California. Don’t wait till you or your loved one are the victim before you do something about this.

Other reasons: Sanctuary state – how about asking the people. Changing what the people of this state voted for – the death penalty. Healthcare to illegals. Covid-19 support payments to illegals. Does he have the faintest idea what illegal means. With the direction we are headed there is no advantage to becoming a “citizen” of this country, you can be here illegally and get more benefits than the citizens get

Lets look at what he says he has done.

1) increase funding for public education – I haven’t seen this,

2) protect and secure Californians’ health and health care – which Californian’s, the illegal ones? ,

3) improve water, roads, and bridges – OMG he hasn’t done any of that , we have, we have been taxed through the nose to fund every whim he decides to do,

4) address the challenges of housing affordability and homelessness – he addressing the housing problem by commandeering hotels and spending our money to do it then ya he did that.

5) prepare for the threats of wildfires. What did he do to be able to say this???

Our budget is balanced – ya on the backs of every person paying a 50.5 cent tax on the gas for their car.

Our fiscal reserves are unprecedented – again because we are so heavily taxed on everything from gasoline to cable TV to cell phone service to utilities in addition to very high sales taxes.

Our economy and employment are historically strong – this is of no help from Newsom, he continually makes owning a business in CA harder and so costly it can’t be continued , many businesses have already left CA and mom and pops have shut down.

What has he eliminated to make any of this happen? Nothing!!!!!

If Gavin Newsom is not required to follow the laws of the federal government and the state of CA then why should we be required to follow the laws of the state????

Brad from San Diego County

Gavin Newsom placed us under house arrest for three months by unilateral decree – ignoring the Constitution and mercilessly trampling our rights. He is exactly the tyrant that our Founding Fathers warned us about. It is our duty to remove him immediately.

Suzanne from Los Angeles County

Gavin Newsom is the epitome of an out of touch, elitist with his sparkling grin and all the right words. He has no common sense and shows zero regard for his constituents unless he thinks it can make him look good.

Locking 39 million healthy people in their homes for 4 months is a crime! Trying to convince healthy people to act like they are sick and dying is evil. By fearmongering and misinforming the public about covid risks he has committed domestic terrorism.

His leadership during the pandemic has been all about him celebrating the incredible job he has done but really it’s just a land and power grab. He loves playing the role of the guy saving homeless people so much that he wants to create more homeless people with his policies so he can continue to play the savior. This is exactly what he did when he was San Francisco mayor. He left the city far worse than how he found it. Now he is doing the same thing with this whole State.

I have been a licensed chiropractor in California for over 20 years. The lockdown policies have been completely overblow and overextended. This virus has a 99% recovery rate. The statistics do not justify such a long lockdown or these ridiculous social distancing and mask wearing ordinances. My small business has been destroyed, as have the businesses of most of my colleagues, friends, neighbors and local shops. I have friends in the entertainment, spa, fitness, and music industries that are all suffering from these horrible policies. I have friends who are professional single mothers who struggle to feed their children. Most of us are looking to leave the State.

There are so many other areas where Newsom has gotten it wrong. He is asking private property owners to become a welfare system by encouraging renters to stop paying rent. At the same time he will increase property and other taxes. So essentially he is not just screwing property owners by making them become the welfare system… he is asking them to pay higher taxes for the privilege of being the welfare system. He is charging them more money to offer their housing for free!!!

I don’t know anyone who can afford higher taxes right now. Why would anyone support his policy to raise taxes???

He wants to give 75 million dollars to people who are not US citizens. I am sure that 75 million dollars could go a long way to support Californians!!

He has released convicted criminals who have murdered women back out onto the streets to protect the inmates from getting covid. Why couldn’t he just put them in masks and 6 feet apart if that is an effective way to prevent illness?

We have a $54 Billion dollar deficit in California, are on the brink of bankruptcy and all he does is whine and complain about a Federal bailout because he doesn’t know how to balance a budget. He wants this to be a Sanctuary State, which essentially means he wants to support the whole world on his California budget. That is completely unsustainable and will never work. Anyone who cares about people would know this kind of policy cannot successfully help people in need.

For these and so many other reasons I want to Recall Newsom. Having a great smile and wonderful dreamy ideas does not make his tyranny any more palatable. We need sanity now. Let’s get him out and replace him!

Thanks! I’m out circulating petitions and supporting this effort 100%.

Todd from Los Angeles County

I want to see Newsom recalled because he signed SB276 which makes it impossible for a child to obtain a medical exemption from vaccines and requires that children without every vaccine on the exploded schedule be kicked out of both public and private school. I also want him recalled because of his tyrannical edicts under the false state of emergency requiring societal lockdown, social distancing and mask wearing when science shows they are useless and that Covid-19 is a political scam.

Eric from Sacramento County

We need look no further than the condition (as mayor) Gavin Newsom left San Francisco in. And now he’s doing the same thing to our entire state. There are many individual and independent reasons to recall Gavin and any one is of them could stand alone as a qualifier, however at this point I think his unlawful attempts to expand his power and create punitive and unconstitutional laws designed to interfere with our right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness makes his removal paramount to the survival of Californian and its citizens.

Dairenn from Los Angeles County

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California; I thought I would retire here, buy property here and enjoy the weather, the night life, the music, the beach and the sun during the summer. Instead, businesses are fleeing a state with among the most punitively oppressive set of taxes and regulations, and taking the well-paying jobs that they create with them. While this has been going on for years, and much of the blame is deservedly shared by the state legislature, this governor represents more of the same economic retrograde and none of the pro-freedom forward thinking a once great state desperately needs.

Under Gavin Newsom, the California FTB gets to kick back and cash up to a hundred billion dollars in checks from the taxes collected from Silicon Valley and Hollywood. And in return, we get woefully inadequate infrastructure (no desalinization plants to protect against drought, no nuclear power keeping the price of electricity high, no new refineries keeping gasoline prices high, no new highway capacity or passenger train network expansion ever lengthening commutes). And a state Attorney General that fights AGAINST a Federal Government working to protect law abiding citizens trying to get an education here, run businesses and provide for their families in this state. Instead, this is a place where human traffickers, traffickers of illegal narcotics, international criminals feel welcome and safe.

And then, when the science on the true rate of infection and mortality of the novel coronavirus became apparent after the initially justified shutdown, this governor chose to ignore the science and the data and persist Endless Lockdown. Endless Lockdown which, with no doubt at all, directly contributed to increased rates of unemployment, domestic violence, drug abuse, alcoholism and suicide. Instead of fighting to become the voice of reason against fear and anxiety, Gavin Newsom leveraged Covid Paranoia to expand his power well beyond the reasonable limits of dealing with a public health emergency. Instead of flattening the curve to prevent having more sick people than ICU beds, we flattened the economy, blew a $40+ Billion hole in the state budget, and cost far more human lives than the Actual Coronavirus itself ever would have taken.

The handling of Novel Coronavirus alone amounts to nothing less than an absolutely atrocity. I will not tolerate a governor that ridicules and condemns people looking to balance the truth about this disease with the need to live life as intended for Human Beings to live as dangerous or reckless. I won’t put up with a governor that legitimizes a Highly Questionable overseas communist regime as part of the efforts of an American State to address Coronavirus.

I also won’t stand for a governor that does not stand up for perhaps the most important of all of our first-responders working on the front lines in our law enforcement community. But when My Home State became overran by violent people looking to once again exploit a tragedy in order to advance a Radical Anarchist Vision for the future of America, Newsom did not stand for law and order. He did not stand for civil discussion instead of burning police cars and killing people. He did not speak up for the many honorable and brave law enforcement officers of ever race. He did not empower the National Guard to do their jobs and save lives and property. Instead, Gavin Newsom stood by and let California Cities burn, and focused instead on trying to appease an angry mob for which no amount of capitulation or self-flagellation will EVER be enough.

This is not the governor who represents me. He does not represent the law abiding citizens of Californians looking to live in a state that protects the right to free speech, to assemble PEACEFULLY, to protect ourselves from physical harm. He does not represent the Californians looking to have access to the services, resources an infrastructure that we pay for. And therefore, as a result, Gavin Newsom is absolutely without a doubt wholly unfit to go on in has role as Governor of the state of California.

Tony from Riverside County

I believe Gavin Newsom has demonstrated poor leadership skills and panders to criminals and illegals. Governor Newsom must abide by Local, State and Federal laws like any public servant. However; he is supporting Sanctuary Cities and maintaining Calfiornia as a Sanctuary State in direct violation of the laws he swore to uphold. He does not represent all the citizens of California and only shows support for radical Liberal ideology. In addition, approximately 80 percent of California’s fresh water is wasted and returned to the ocean each year. This water is needed in the Central Valley for farmers to grow food for the world. This state and its people have potential to grow and become economically sound and stable, but Newsom stands in our way. These are some of the reasons why I support the recall of Gavin Newsom.

Sarah from Orange County

I believe Governor Newsom should be recalled based on his blatant disregard for the limits on governmental authority and the protection of personal liberties which are both enshrined in the Constitution. In the midst of the Covid-19 situation, he has assumed emergency powers for an indefinite amount of time with no sign of handing back the powers of legislation to the actual legislature. He has treated religious institutions differently from similar secular institutions, and curtailed the rights of free exercise of religion and freedom of assembly, increasing restrictions even as data continues to demonstrate that the virus has a much lower death rate than previously believed. He threatens our right to be free from unlawful search through his push for contact tracing as a containment measure for the virus. He has set California up for catastrophic economic failure by closing businesses for months, and then imposing restrictions which prevent them from being profitable as they look to reopen, while at the same time continuing to spend more money than the state was bringing in before losing millions of dollars in tax revenue.