J From Orange County

It was bad enough that Trump lost the election due to the trickery, deceit, and lies. Now another liberal has driven our once beautiful state into the toilet with a total disrespect to the rest of us.
Cox almost had the election, and lost by such a small margin to a now Governor that will not practice what he preaches.
The miss-handling of the Covid-19 crisis, treating it as a political football with lives, and futures on the line. A high speed rail is more important than giving the thousands of displaced population trapped in a whirlpool of corruption.
No individual in power is to big or to powerful to continue at the rate this liar has conducted himself. The look of a clueless, yet intelligent ruler is what I see when he speaks from both sides of his mouth. I’m a SoCal native of almost 70 years, and I’ve had it with the endless games, smoke and mirrors, and dog & pony shows.
Here’s your chance California, don’t listen to anything else but your heart, and do not by any means let this be a narrow margin situation.
DO NOT let it be like 2020 and the Biden steal. Act now, act hard, because if we don’t take California back NOW, it’ll be to late. Stop the insanity in its tracks, for the time will not come again!!! Thank you!