Wendy From Placer County



Robin From Los Angeles County

Apartment Building Owners being FORCED by Newsom/Government to give their services for FREE or for 25% or for 80% and forgive 20% of rental payment!!!!!

I want to know why no one is discussing this!!!! I want to know why Los Angeles/ Cali Apartment Building Owners are the ONLY industry during this pandemic being FORCED by Governor Newsom/Government to give their services for FREE or at a discount!!!!  Does Governor Newsom really believe that Los Angeles/Cali Apartment Building Owners don’t have monthly BILLS to pay!!!!!

Apartment Buildings are businesses!!!!

Los Angeles/Cali Apartment Building Owners are being run out of business by Newsom/Government. NO other businesses are being FORCED to offer their services for free or at a discount.

Los Angeles/Cali Apartment Building Owners have had enough of this!!! If Governor Newsom/Government wants to house people for FREE or at a discount then HE/Government needs to provided that!!! NOT private property Apartment Building Owners!!!

I am livid and I know the entire Apartment Building industry has had enough of Governor Newsom!!!!! Out YOU go Governor Newsom, so many of us Californians are perfectly fine with you sitting at French Laundry all day long doing cross word puzzles after you are recalled and out of office!!!!


Everyone keep signing those recall petitions!!!!

Michael From Contra Costa

Counties all up and down the state are running short of Covid 19 vaccine and it appears that the governor is continuing to play political games with Californian’s health. Why isn’t the state getting ALL the vaccine it has out to counties. The state of California under Newsom’ un-leadership is still lagging behind most of the country in vaccinations. Enough is enough. If you have not signed the petition, please do so and vote Newsom out  of office.

Susan From Marin County

I support the recall of Gavin Newsom because I am outraged over the persistent closure of public schools in California.  Our poorest and most vulnerable children are paying a massive academic and psychological price for this incredibly mis-guided policy.  There has been a dramatic increase in mental health visits by adolescents to emergency departments during school closures.  And last week, Marin County lost another student, an 8th grader who died by suicide, as collateral damage to school closures.

The lives and futures of our children (which is the future of our state and our country), depends on immediate school reopening, and Newsom had not demonstrated the political will to operationalize that.

Craig From San Bernardino

My name is Craig and I am one of the founders of StopQIP Dairy Tax. It is a coalition of California Dairy farmers, who are unhappy about a tax that has been levied on our industry and Gavin and the Department of Agriculture have refused to let us vote on the tax. In the last year alone we have turned in three different petitions, and we have not been given the okay to vote on this tax. We pay a billion dollars every 6.3 years and the money doesn’t go to the state to be used for the industry, but it goes to a select minority of the dairymen in the state for their personal use. It is an outrageous tax without representation and it is all back by our government. We have appealed to Gavin Newsom and his Secretary of Agriculture Karen Ross to no avail.

I have 7 dairies in the Chino Dairy shed and we milk over 3000 cows and raise another 3000 heifers, but this tax has forced me to put my dairies up for sell. We have over 50 employees and our milk sales are over 14 million a year. We ship most of our milk to a Creamery who biggest accounts are the schools in Los Angeles and with Gavin shutting everything down it has cost us millions of dollars in losses.

I also own three other feed companies in Chino, and in Visalia California, that last year grossed over 19 million in sales, down from 26 million the previous year. We sell to the dairy industry and our receivables ae stretching out past 180 days and the future looks worse then this last year of disaster.. Gavin and his short sightedness is causing hundreds of people losing their jobs with no return in sight. He cares more about making his rich buddies, richer like Matt Swanson who donate to his campaign, then about the workers of this state who throughout this CoVId have come to work everyday so he can transfer their money to these rich dairymen who clip a coupon each month making millions of dollars on the backs of hardworking men and women of this great state. He needs to go and go yesterday.

Jacob From San Bernardino County

I’ll keep my reasons for signing the recall petition succinct. Gavin’s “do as I say and not as I do,” insufferable, holier-than-thou elitism was made very apparent when he dined indoors with dozens of people, including lobbyists, at an exclusive restaurant in direct contradiction to what he has demanded all of us small, unimportant people do during this pandemic under threat of criminal prosecution. That incident, combined with him unilaterally suspending the death penalty against the will of a majority of California voters and his continued assault on law-abiding Californian’s second amendment rights (while authorizing the mass release of violent criminals from state prisons no less) are what convinced me that Gavin has to go.

Michael From Contra Costa County

The governor is disregarding his own orders again. The ICU capacity in the Greater Sacramento are is 11.9% well below the 15% cutoff that the new rules of December 3 say will result in the state overriding any local rules and locking an area down. Yet the governor lifted restrictions for the entire Greater Sacramento area. The San Francisco bay area is currently at 23.4 percent capacity well above the 15% cutoff and remains under the strict lock-down rules. If there are rules to determine relaxation of conditions for the state then they should be followed by the entire state.

Lisa From Mt Juliet, Tenn.

I moved out of California in 2016 and planned to never return. But I’ve always thought how great it would be to return to my homeland, as soon as the state got its act together. I wish I could sign this petition because Newsom is just making things worse!! I swear it’s as if he wants everything wrong and for the pandemic crap to continue!! I encourage everyone in the state to sign immediately!!

CJ From Orange County

Although I am too young to sign the recall petition, I am old enough to understand who is responsible for turning this state from a pristine paradise into a high-tax, high-homeless, sanctuary state. For me, there is one key issue that is responsible for my desire to recall Newsom. That issue is reopening schools.
Gavin Newsom claims BLM and that systemic racism is a big problem. However, he succumbs to the pressure of teachers’ unions, even though education is the key to success – especially for minority students. In his daily COVID-19 briefings, Newsom always shows the deaths, hospitalizations, etc., but never the domestic violence numbers or suicide rates among children – which is now the second leading cause of death among kids in California. Gavin Newsom posts TikToks on Instagram, while the Golden State is plagued by debt, high taxes, and poor mental health. Gavin Newsom focuses on the wrong priorities – tax increases on US citizens so illegal immigrants can receive free benefits. Pandering to teachers unions by letting them set the return-to-school schedule instead of addressing the gigantic problem of students receiving an education that is far below average. Telling Californians “we will get through this” even though we have been locked down since March and California is well behind on its vaccine rollout.

Although I cannot vote nor sign this petition, I am fed up with Gavin Newsom’s lies, false hope, and hypocrisy. This state needs a leader that prioritizes Californians over illegals, reduces the outrageous state income tax, and focuses more on problems instead of TikTok. That leader is not Gavin Newsom.

So those are my reasons for why Governor Gavin Newsom should be recalled. And remember, he may be able to afford private tutors and private school for his kids, but the rest of California can’t.

Ken from San Diego County

Governor Gavin Newsom granted early release to thousands of prisoners because he was more concerned about protecting criminals from COVID-19 than protecting the public from the criminals.  One of those prisoners, Martin Alvarez Jr., was arrested and charged with murdering Michael Wagley on August 16.  Alvarez had just been released early from prison 17 days before the fatal stabbing.
The murder occurred in my neighborhood.  I witnessed paramedics performing chest compressions on Wagley’s dead body on the sidewalk.  There was blood everywhere.  Onlookers were screaming.  Wagley was homeless and had no one to help him, no one to speak up for him.  So I am speaking up.  Californians need to know that when the governor is not dining at posh restaurants with lobbyists in violation of his own stay-at-home order, he is releasing violent criminals into our neighborhoods.
Gavin Newsom, you have betrayed our trust.  By now the blood of Michael Wagley has been washed from the sidewalk, but he is not forgotten.