Thana From Santa Barbara County

Newsom argued that repeal of 2019  additional gas tax.  His side convinced a majority of voters that without that money, roads would crumble & bridges fall.  But two months after Prop was defeated & the tax remained,   he announced  CA had a surplus so he woulduse  it to pay for medical care for illegals. Wow, what slap in our face.

In Oct, 2019,  it was reported that “it turns out the tax wasn’t about repairing roads and highways after all.  On Sept. 20, in a little noted maneuver, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order to divert the tax cash away from crumbling highway repair to greenie political pet projects instead.  To heck with the highways; it was time to save the Earth.  According to an Oct. 7 item from the California Globe:   Governor Newsom signed Executive Order N-19-19 September 20, directing the already controversial gas tax money away from fixing local highways in favor of rail projects.


Not only did he lie to get it defeated, he lied about the lie.

Michael From Contra Costa County

A statewide travel ban? No good news here. If you need to travel to take care of a suddenly ill relative. What then? Is the state going to arrest everyone who is on the road? The governor is overreacting as always. California needs a governor who thinks first and only acts after considering all the evidence. Mr. Governor Newsom appears to act and then not think. To use this comparison from Gilbert and Sullivan; he always votes at his parties call and never, never thinks for himself at all. So the party rewarded him and now he is the Governor of the state. UGH!!!

Brandon From Sacramento County

It could be said that Gavin was no worse than former governor Brown, but I was clearly mistaken. Right from the get go, he got right down to business, but most of it was bearable, until COVID hit, at which point, he started to go on an insane power trip, by shutting down his state, and locking people in their homes, restricting businesses, and taking away people’s freedom to choose, of movement, to gather, and decimating the economy. His tyrannical rule must end. He decimated SF, and he is now doing the same, but statewide. He is also hypocritical, as he authorized the lawmakers’ retreat to Maui, Hawaii as well as partying himself at an indoor venue, packed closely together without any masks, and furthermore allowing his own winery to remain open. What did we get? Statewide mask mandate, stay-at-home orders (lock-downs), business restrictions (many businesses are closed, such as bars, dine-in restaurants, museums, libraries, churches, arcades, carnivals, public events, Six Flags, Disneyland, gyms, schools, public assistance facilities, social gatherings in home, holidays, tourism, etc). He is incompetent to lead. Even prior to COVID, he had a lot of stupid laws pass on his watch, such as SB276 (vaccine exemptions), AB 5 (gig workers), and so forth. He squandered the state budget, and made CA into a sanctuary state. We are taxed enough, but he keeps slapping more taxes and fees, and many more miles of red tape (I guess the state’s red tape might be as long as a billion miles, taking outrageously long times to traverse end to end). He has failed to address the wildfire issues, allowing fires to grow to monstrous sizes (millions of acres this year) by failing to reasonably manage wildfires by barring logging and fire hazard mitigation tasks such as controlled burns during calm wind periods. He has degraded our electrical grid comparable to 3rd-world-country standards, by allowing utilities companies (such as PG&E and SCE) to shut off power on windy days instead of urging them to upgrade its infrastructure. He shuns nuclear and hydrocarbon power and instead prefers wind and solar, which was blamed for the rolling blackouts this summer, as having more nuclear and hydrocarbon plants would have relieved the strain on the power grid and have prevented blackouts. He is also reluctant to build desalination plants, which would have alleviated the problems resulting from chronic droughts. And besides that, there are many more infringements on our constitutional rights, and more than what I can fit in. All this to say one thing: Newsom must go, and that is why I have a moral obligation to sign this.

Anthony from Los Angeles County

My primary reason for supporting the recall is wildfires and forest management. Governor Newsom has stated that the sole reason for the devastating wildfires is climate change. Climate change is definitely occurring, but the reason the fires have been so bad is because there has been an absolute lack of forest management. There are currently eight regulatory agencies that govern the timber industry in California. Collectively those regulations have made it so that logging is not economically feasible. The logging industry used to provide forest management and reduction of fuel load. Since that business has been effectively eliminated, no other entity, specifically the state, has no picked the job of maintaining forests. CALFire has estimated that there are now 150 million dead trees in our forests as a result of forest density that causes blight, propagation of disease and brush undergrowth.
State policies supported by Newsom are killing people and destroying whole towns, eg, Paradise, CA. If not recalled, Newsom should be otherwise held liable for the policies he supports.

Dave from Kern County

It could be said that, Newsom was perhaps incompetent. That he ‘just wasn’t prepared for the pandemic, he’s being overly cautious,’ etc. No, what Newsom has been and is doing is far worse than mere incompetence. He is deliberately sabotaging many sectors of this state, from giving tax payer money to illegal aliens, to his draconian treatment of law-abiding gun owners, to the now ever-lasting lock downs/first amendment violations on California citizens. Gov Newsom has abused his power again and again and he cares NOTHING about serving the people of California.
As the DMV so famously tells the citizens of this state that ‘driving is a privilege.’ Well, so is serving as Governor. Remove him immediately, then charge him with crimes against humanity for the way he’s melted down this economy in the aftermath of covid. Enough is enough!

Greg from Contra Costa County

IN ADDITION TO his unequivocal support for the progressive/socialist agenda pervasive in Sacramento, and IN ADDITION TO the other points already raised by other contributors to this blog, Gov. Newsom has proven himself unfit to successfully address the evolving challenges facing California:

  1. The unprecedented wildfires throughout the state are causing billions of dollars in damage, killing citizens (both directly and through hazardous air quality), and destroying businesses. Despite years of obvious warning signs he has done precious little to improve the State’s proactive fire prevention activities and firefighting capabilities. The firefighters out there are doing heroic work but they are under staffed, under equipped, and under resourced. Gov. Newsom will say there’s no money to do more, but that’s not true! He simply did not prioritize additional wildfire safety above other state expenditures. The state is burning and it’s citizens choking, but I’m sure we all feel better knowing that precious state funding has been funneled to pet projects like high speed rail from Fresno to Bakersfield.
  2. The state has run out of power during peak periods, resulting in rolling blackouts. This is a travesty! California forced its major utilities to sell most of their power generation assets over 20 years ago. It’s now up to the CA ISO and the CPUC (both are state instrumentalities with boards appointed by the governor) to ensure a competitive power market and adequate power supply. They are both pointing the finger at each other, but either way this is a massive and embarrassing failure for Gov. Newsom.
  3. While Gov. Newsom is just the tip of an ugly iceberg in Sacramento, his refusal and inability to redirect the legislature’s focus to the pressing needs of the state is DANGEROUS to all Californians. Case in point: Saturday’s photo op for him is signing legislation requiring prison inmates to be characterized by the gender of their own choosing. Ok, that’s fine. And I’m sure he’s very proud of this accomplishment, but tens of thousands of citizens are fleeing for their lives right now.

Hugh from San Diego County

To my fellow Californians:


I believe that what Gavin Newsom has done to our state is unconstitutional and unlawful.

The original point of the lockdown as we all remember back in March was to “slow the spread” and to stay home so that the hospitals would not be overwhelmed with Covid patients.  I was supposed to be 15 days..

Now it is 7 months later and the state is still in some form of lockdown despite pleas from President Trump in Mid -May to reopen the economy and schools. States like Florida and Arizona have heeded the President’s advice and are beginning to thrive once again.

These Emergency Powers by mostly Democrat governors are being used and abused. The Supreme Court of Michigan recently struck down Gov. Whitmer judging that she could no longer rule without end.  We must do the same here in California.

Newsom and his merry band of Dems changed the goal posts on us numerous times. Currently, hospitalizations and mortality are not a part of the new color coded metric…simply cases.  And as we all know by now, 99% of the population recovers (as did I at age 70) from this virus.  Schools and businesses, sporting events, weddings, churches, are all still on full or part lockdowns and this needs to end.

We the people are supposed to be in charge.  Governor Newsom wants to impose his rule over us claiming that  it is for our own good. Yet, it is for us to make that decision, not him.


Lori from Orange County

My reasons for recall are as follow:

  1. The support of illegal immigration. The impact is $25.3 billion a year that places a cost of $2,370 a year per California household headed by a U.S. citizen.
  2. Newsom spent $1Billion in taxpayer funds in a secret deal for masks manufactured at an electric car plant in China that never made masks. He wired $495M in April before he talked about it on a cable tv show. Of course the masks did not meet certification here and were rejected two times. Not only was our money used to create jobs in China not in California nor U.S. but were months delayed in delivery due to our standards.
  3. Newsom is trying to shut down Disneyland, the happiest place on earth and it’s all political. He has ignored the safety protocols in place at every other opened destination, the work with epidemiologists, CDC and approval of the OC health organization’s green light at reduced capacity. He doesn’t care about the 20k laid off mostly union cast, the city of Anaheim $100M deficit that funds all services through the tax on hotels shut down since March, the family run businesses that face bankruptcy, the 130k impacted hospitality workers and the need for happiness – mental health options during stressful times. Newsom certainly has supported liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries as we know they are each equipped to handle the pandemic traffic with the highest regards for health and safety.
  4. Newsom’s Napa winery remained open in July after Napa Valley indoor tasting was shut down. Just like aunt Nancy Pelosi visiting a SF hair salon when it was closed.  I’ll talk, implement mandates that are for you, not me.
  5. Jerry Brown left office leaving a positive state fund including a rainy day fund of $14billion. Brown told Newsom “don’t screw it up” but Newsom has in record time.
  6. Newsom said before his election he was a “job creator”.  Really? That should be enough for a recall.

Eric from San Mateo County

I am recalling Gavin Newsom because he is an utmost failure at being governor..
He has worked AGAINST the people of California with his tyrannical ways and going against the wishes of the people…
Upon taking office he immediately put a moratorium on the death penalty in which California voters overwhelmingly voted to have in place and he took it upon himself to change that by imposing his own belief without regards to it being what Californians voted for..
He is somebody that obviously has his own agenda in place even though he the governor he still is an elected official and a public servant but he seems to forget that and now the people are speaking up and want him gone for his failure and tyrant ways…
He is in fact destroying our state and economy willfully and knowingly without regard for the citizens..he needs to honor the fact that a majority of Californians are in fact firing him with this recall and needs to step down instead of him trying to play games and throw up obstacles as he does to try to block the efforts to recall him…

He is a failure on all levels of governors..
He is signing laws without going through the proper channels or even asking the people if its something they want…
He is imposing his own beliefs in our state and that is not the way this country works..
He is supposed to work FOR US the people.
This is not his state as he seems to think it is and that is a sign of a dictator and tyrant and he seriously needs to go.

Craig from Los Angeles County

There are many, many reasons to recall Newsom, no need to repeat what many have already listed. The top of the list should be his support for the undoing of proposition 13.