CJ From Orange County

Although I am too young to sign the recall petition, I am old enough to understand who is responsible for turning this state from a pristine paradise into a high-tax, high-homeless, sanctuary state. For me, there is one key issue that is responsible for my desire to recall Newsom. That issue is reopening schools.
Gavin Newsom claims BLM and that systemic racism is a big problem. However, he succumbs to the pressure of teachers’ unions, even though education is the key to success – especially for minority students. In his daily COVID-19 briefings, Newsom always shows the deaths, hospitalizations, etc., but never the domestic violence numbers or suicide rates among children – which is now the second leading cause of death among kids in California. Gavin Newsom posts TikToks on Instagram, while the Golden State is plagued by debt, high taxes, and poor mental health. Gavin Newsom focuses on the wrong priorities – tax increases on US citizens so illegal immigrants can receive free benefits. Pandering to teachers unions by letting them set the return-to-school schedule instead of addressing the gigantic problem of students receiving an education that is far below average. Telling Californians “we will get through this” even though we have been locked down since March and California is well behind on its vaccine rollout.

Although I cannot vote nor sign this petition, I am fed up with Gavin Newsom’s lies, false hope, and hypocrisy. This state needs a leader that prioritizes Californians over illegals, reduces the outrageous state income tax, and focuses more on problems instead of TikTok. That leader is not Gavin Newsom.

So those are my reasons for why Governor Gavin Newsom should be recalled. And remember, he may be able to afford private tutors and private school for his kids, but the rest of California can’t.