Recall Election date has been set

Have you been following the RECALL of Ca Governor Gavin Newsom? The recall process passed all hurdles to qualify for ballot and the Lt. Governor announced the special election will be September 14,2021. The mainstream media will not cover the fact, this was the largest ever attempted petition drive in our nation’s history and will be a deciding factor in the future of our state.

Who opposes the recall? Big Tech Tycoons, the Wealthy Political Elite, Corporate Lobbyists and the Union Mob Bosses who want to keep and protect the power structure they have over the people.

Who supports the recall? The people of California, small business owners, the middle class, working families and everyday citizens from all walks of life, every culture, every race and people from across the entire political spectrum.

Gavin and the opposition team have tried everything they could to prevent the recall from happening and we have prevailed each time.  They have filed lawsuits to stop the recall, they have launched smear campaigns, used threats and intimidation tactics to try and get people to remove their signature from the petition and failed.  We, the people, have overcome every obstacle they have thrown at us.

Now the Governor is so nervous about the outcome, he is suing his own Secretary of State to assure a symbol of his political affiliation, the letter (D) be placed next to his name on the ballot, afraid people will not vote for him if it is not there. We have news for Gavin, that will NOT be the only reason the people vote for someone responsible and concerned about California to replace him.

We are in a David and Goliath battle between good and evil. We can WIN, but they will do anything and everything to stay in control.  With (God’s help) our volunteer army, is fighting to help secure a future in California, we can all live with.

The task ahead is simple; get people out to vote! Vote YES to RECALL Gavin Newsom, then VOTE to REPLACE him.