A special election to RECALL and REPLACE Gavin Newsom is about to be announced by the Secretary of State.

This is one of the most important elections in the history of our great state and we all need to do our part. We are all in this together.
If you are able and willing to volunteer, please contact us and let us know how you can help. Volunteers are needed for phone banking, neighborhood canvassing and other activities. If you are on social media, Click Here to join our local community teams.
Gavin Newsom’s liberal socialist “progressive” agenda has failed California on every level. It is his agenda and policies which have led to the highest cost of living, a rampant crime wave and overwhelming increase in homelessness. He is soft on crime and bad for business and needs to be removed from office.
Our way of life in California is under attack and Governor Gavin Newsom is leading the charge.

He has plummeted California into a state of despair. But fear NOT. We can stop him and turn things around. We can recall and replace him with someone who will make California a place people will be proud to call home again, where business can flourish and prosper.

Vote yes to Recall Gavin Newsom and unite to replace him.

This is a fight between good and evil. Failure is NOT an option.

  • This happened under Gavin Newsom’s watch:
  • Mass release of violent prisoners, back onto the street.
  • 20,000 prisoners already granted early release.
  • Death penalty suspended indefinitely.
  • Prisoners with life sentences and LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE now eligible for release.
  • 76,000 additional violent, repeat offenders scheduled for early release.
  • California has plummeted into squalor.
  • Homeless populations grew out of control and now flood the streets.
  • Human waste, trash and needles litter our parks, rivers and creeks.
  • Things are so bad that people and businesses are leaving California in record numbers.
  • California lost a congressional seat for the first time in history as a result of mass exodus.
  • Crime rates have skyrocketed.
  • Drug abuse goes unchecked; addiction is rampant.
    • In LA county alone.
      • Homicides up 95%, GTA up 45%, Rape up 7.8%, Agg. Assault up 12.9%
      • Arson up 22%.
  • Abuse of executive authority Graft and corruption.
    • Business shutdown, beaches closed.
    • California curfews.
    • No singing in church, schools closed.
    • Misallocation of tax funds.
    • Newsom gave NO Bid contracts to his friends and personal donors.
    • 31 billion tax dollars lost to unemployment fraud, scandal and corruption.
    • 31 billion dollars is equal to 62,000 single family homes at $500,000 ea.
    • 242 million dollars gifted on his behalf to charities by donors, at his request.
  • Water and Forest Management
    • Very dry conditions and forest management still not being properly addressed.
      • Increased fire danger with no prisoner fire crews and a shortage of Cal Fire crews.
        • Newsom released the majority, if not all the CDCR inmate fire crews.
        • Newsom closed CDC fire camps and Susanville prison where fire crews are housed.
        • Taxpayers foot the bill as Newsom increased funding to Cal Fire 2 billion dollars to make up the loss.
  • Newsom has No Plan for additional water storage.
  • Lack of water has forced farmers to leave their land fallow, unable to plant their crops.

Do you agree with Gavin Newsom’s open border, sanctuary state policies? Do you agree with Gavin Newsom using our tax dollars to provide medical care, housing, food and clothing for illegal immigrants before first addressing the needs of our Veterans and the homeless crisis? Do you agree California taxpayers should pay reparations, when California was not even a state that participated in slavery? Gavin Newsom says yes you should.

While Californians struggled to survive during the pandemic, Gavin Newsom spent his time signing bills and making executive orders to make things better for prisoners and pedophiles.

Gavin made it possible for fully bearded male inmates to be housed with female inmates, if the inmate were to declare they identified as female.

Gavin Signed SB145 eliminated the registration requirements for certain sex offenses, stating: “offender shall not be required to register if, at the time of the offense, the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor.”

We say Gavin should be removed from office and never be allowed to hold a position of power in government again. If you agree, you can help fund the fight by giving directly to the Official Recall Team Here:

California is in crisis, but help is on the way. You can make a difference by funding the fight! Derail Gavin Newsom’s highspeed train wreck and keep California on the right track.

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