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Update: August 3, 2020

We are working towards our objective of 2 million signatures and we are getting closer to our goal! We’ve hired a third-party vendor to verify signatures and hold the signed petitions for safe keeping in light of many registrar’s offices being closed to the public; some are not even accepting signed petitions, except by mail.  […]

Michael from Contra Costa County

My partner and I just received an 18 page question survey from the Rand organisation and paid for by the State of California. We both wonder just how many millions of tax payer dollars the State of California has wasted on this. There are so many things that need to be done. Just a few. […]

Robin from Los Angeles County

I have been a voting Democrat in California since 1984 and Gavin Newsom is the WORST governor we’ve ever had. He has signed into legislation that is bad and costly for Homeowner Associations including lengthy tedious election rules and allowing junior dwellings on HOA properties to house the homeless. Instead of REALLY dealing with the […]

David from Los Angeles County

I don’t like any man having dictatorial powers. I didn’t like Newsom unilaterally giving China a billion dollar order for masks without seeking legislative approval. I certainly don’t like Gavin’s arbitrary petty restrictions on churches.

Larry from San Bernardino county

A 13 yo girl died from a carjacking yesterday because of Newsom’s policy to require no bail for people who commit crimes. For some reason he feels the safety of a criminal takes priority over that of the citizens of this state. The citizens should be able to hold him PERSONALLY responsible for his decisions […]

Update: July 16, 2020

Thanks to YOU, to-date we have submitted more than twice as many petitions as the previous effort at this point. Momentum is building. BEWARE: Recall “petitions” on Change.org are not valid. Only petitions that are printed and have original signatures in ink are accepted by the California Secretary of State, and the ONLY valid petitions […]

Brad from San Diego County

Gavin Newsom placed us under house arrest for three months by unilateral decree – ignoring the Constitution and mercilessly trampling our rights. He is exactly the tyrant that our Founding Fathers warned us about. It is our duty to remove him immediately.

Suzanne from Los Angeles County

Gavin Newsom is the epitome of an out of touch, elitist with his sparkling grin and all the right words. He has no common sense and shows zero regard for his constituents unless he thinks it can make him look good. Locking 39 million healthy people in their homes for 4 months is a crime! […]

Jeff from San Diego County

I believe Newsome should be recalled for a host of reasons. Newsome has prioritized illegal immigrants over California citizens with free handouts. Newsom has also skewed science related to COVID-19 to fit his political agenda. Newsom is more concerned about being in control and punishing those who oppose his rule. For example, Newsom has targeted […]

Todd from Los Angeles County

I want to see Newsom recalled because he signed SB276 which makes it impossible for a child to obtain a medical exemption from vaccines and requires that children without every vaccine on the exploded schedule be kicked out of both public and private school. I also want him recalled because of his tyrannical edicts under […]