RecallGavin2020 Campaign Issues Official Statement regarding “political hit job” conducted by Los Angeles Times

RecallGavin2020 Campaign Issues Official Statement regarding “political hit job” conducted by Los Angeles Times

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Randy Economy, Senior Advisor,


Los Angeles, CA:  On Sunday, January 24, 2021 the Los Angeles Times published a news article “Recall Newsom effort has ties to far-right movements, including QAnon, and virus skeptics.”

With the recall gaining steam and 1.2 million signatures already gathered, some in the press have launched a campaign of their own to smear and attack individual recall volunteers.

The Los Angeles Times has sunk to an all-time low in its bias coverage of the official recall campaign, to create a divisive and polarizing narrative. The article is an obvious attempt to stifle progress, distract the public and bully others from getting involved.

Good, hardworking and dedicated volunteers from all walks of life, political backgrounds and socio-economic levels are laser focused on the task at hand, and that is the successful removal of California Governor Gavin Newsom from office in 2021.

Such biased journalism that was authored by political activist reporters Anita Chabria and Paige St. John is harmful to the democratic process in which people are merely exercising their rights guaranteed them by the constitution.

Californians from all walks of life have signed the petition for personal reasons of their own, which have nothing to do with the personal beliefs of any individual member. This movement is about bad policies and fixing a broken system, not individual personalities. When successful, the recall will trigger a special election later this Summer and Californians will have an opportunity to choose a new Governor. is a peaceful, nonpartisan movement and has many active volunteers. Everyone involved is entitled to their own personal opinions, that is what a Democracy is all about.  We decry all aspects of racism and hate.  We denounce any individual or group who engages in acts of violence, vandalism, or make threats on any level.

–Randy Economy

Senior Advisor

Media Spokesman