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Update; Thanksgiving Day November 26 2020.

The campaign is full speed ahead! To date, our amazing team of volunteers have gathered about 800,000 signatures from California voters throughout the state. That’s an incredible feat, given the pandemic shut downs, the wild fires, searing summer heat, riots and horrible smoke. We are thankful to have been granted an extension to March 17, 2021, This is basically […]

George from Contra Costa County

Render unto Sacramento what is Sacramento’s… But when is it enough?   Nothing in life is certain but death and taxes, is a saying attributed to old Ben Franklin. Actually, taxes have been around for quite some time. The Sumerians collected taxes and kept meticulous records of these collections, right around 4000 BC. The Ancient […]

Genevieve from San Diego County

I am a mother of four children. Recall Gavin because he has no problem betraying our children, academically, emotionally, and physically. Beyond that first heartbreaking hurdle, he presses on to give away the freedoms of America in its entirety. It’s becoming harder and harder for him to hide in his sheep’s clothing, especially after taking […]

Brandon From Sacramento County

It could be said that Gavin was no worse than former governor Brown, but I was clearly mistaken. Right from the get go, he got right down to business, but most of it was bearable, until COVID hit, at which point, he started to go on an insane power trip, by shutting down his state, […]

Critical Update November, 06

The news you have all been waiting for, Did we get the extension?  The answer is YES we did.  The Judge made a preliminary ruling and the SOS has confirmed it is not requesting an oral argument.  The hearing for 11:00 has been cancelled.   In short the RecallGavin2020 campaign has officially been granted an extension to […]

Anthony from Los Angeles County

My primary reason for supporting the recall is wildfires and forest management. Governor Newsom has stated that the sole reason for the devastating wildfires is climate change. Climate change is definitely occurring, but the reason the fires have been so bad is because there has been an absolute lack of forest management. There are currently […]

Dave from Kern County

It could be said that, Newsom was perhaps incompetent. That he ‘just wasn’t prepared for the pandemic, he’s being overly cautious,’ etc. No, what Newsom has been and is doing is far worse than mere incompetence. He is deliberately sabotaging many sectors of this state, from giving tax payer money to illegal aliens, to his […]

Greg from Contra Costa County

IN ADDITION TO his unequivocal support for the progressive/socialist agenda pervasive in Sacramento, and IN ADDITION TO the other points already raised by other contributors to this blog, Gov. Newsom has proven himself unfit to successfully address the evolving challenges facing California: The unprecedented wildfires throughout the state are causing billions of dollars in damage, […]

Hugh from San Diego County

To my fellow Californians:   I believe that what Gavin Newsom has done to our state is unconstitutional and unlawful. The original point of the lockdown as we all remember back in March was to “slow the spread” and to stay home so that the hospitals would not be overwhelmed with Covid patients.  I was […]

Lori from Orange County

My reasons for recall are as follow: The support of illegal immigration. The impact is $25.3 billion a year that places a cost of $2,370 a year per California household headed by a U.S. citizen. Newsom spent $1Billion in taxpayer funds in a secret deal for masks manufactured at an electric car plant in China […]