Genevieve from San Diego County

I am a mother of four children.
Recall Gavin because he has no problem betraying our children, academically, emotionally, and physically. Beyond that first heartbreaking hurdle, he presses on to give away the freedoms of America in its entirety. It’s becoming harder and harder for him to hide in his sheep’s clothing, especially after taking it to the French Laundry.

My children attend a charter school called JCS Cedar Cove Academy, where the staff strives to pour as much into their students as possible. Governor Newsom took three oversteps to make this school struggle to deliver its essential services.

First, Governor Newsom completely shut down school not only for my kids, but for thousands of kids who are from homes with fewer resources than mine. These are kids who are not being guided by any parent, these are kids who will just not do school because there’s no one to keep them accountable. They will miss out on their potential and possibly be drawn to drug and criminal ideation.

Second and on a more micro-level of legislation, Governor Newsom also put through a law that bans charter schools in particular from receiving the taxpayer money needed to enroll new students and grow their student body. After the shut down, JCS CCA already had protocols in place for serving students well through home study and online. They were maintaining and continuing to reach learning goals remotely while most other public school administrations were stuck, floundering, and poorly serving their students.
With AB 77, Governor Newsom purposefully strangled a successful, student-focused model of public schooling – a model which should be fostered, upheld and expanded for the sake of public school students across the state.

Lastly, after the school year ended, we were informed of the draconian levels of sanitation theater required for re-opening, including mandatory masks, reduced class size, no shared recess, temp checks, as well as steep punishments for anyone in possession of an active immune system.
Students are sent home for two weeks if they have a common symptom, and whole classrooms sent home if more than 3 students are sick, and then whole schools sent home if a classroom is sick. This re-shutdown schedule was so unstable, and predictably impossible to maintain that I chose to keep my kids at home. This also makes school an anxiety ridden environment that robs children of any level of healthy adult comfort and assurance. A first grade teacher cannot even technically give her 6 year old student a pat on the back without being in violation of the covid restrictions.
This is despite many voices and experts from the medical field stating that the virus is well tolerated by kids, and that the virus is far less likely to be transmitted by them.
This is also despite the fact that driving my car carries with it a higher chance of death than the virus does, but the benefits of driving far outweigh the risk. So there is a falsely inflated argument of risk compared to the benefits of school.
We aren’t shutting down parking structures and putting curfews on driving; but we are academically stunting an already low performing school system, and emotionally terrorizing our children all to avoid some normal immune system activity.

Gavin Newsom’s democrat led administration released a child rapist named Cary Jay Smith in July 2020. The convicted child rapist and murderer was allowed to walk out of an Orange County mental institution because it had inexplicably failed to renew his status as a dangerous predator. He went to Lake Elsinore where the sheriff was kind enough to move him along after protests from the citizens. He then found his way to San Diego county and was again asked to relocate. If he has since decided to reenter, we would be hard pressed to know. Everyone wears a mask, and identifying him on the street is impossible for someone like myself.
Smith is just one of many many criminals who have been released into the populace, who even if they were suspecting, cannot identify the threat because of mandated masks.

As an individual, I contest his legal grounds to control what goes on during my private gatherings, how I choose to worship, how I choose to spend my time at night, and every other restriction and requirement on my being and body in the name of “flattening a curve.” The virus of course has a massive case rate – it is no different than the flu or the cold, and it will run its course. But the death rate is still far below the average death rate, and especially so for the vast working and student population. Of course I want to protect the vulnerable, and there are ways to do that without permanently damaging the other kinds of vulnerable as well.

It’s becoming painfully obvious that the virus was all an excuse for something called the big reset, a centralizing under one bank – and Newsom, an American who enjoys his precious freedoms to attend large parties for his friends, and send his children to schools, – doesn’t care enough to try and stop the complete stripping of these very freedoms from others to make way for this new world order. As Governor of one of the largest states in the freest nation on earth, he had an opportunity to lead the way to preserving, growing and protecting Californians. His actions and policies are a clear signal that he designs to do the exact opposite. He is feeding the populace of California – and in turn America- to the socialist beast, hoping for a bone. I’ve got several to pick with his governance, and am exercising one of my few remaining rights to do so.