Suzanne from Los Angeles County

Gavin Newsom is the epitome of an out of touch, elitist with his sparkling grin and all the right words. He has no common sense and shows zero regard for his constituents unless he thinks it can make him look good.

Locking 39 million healthy people in their homes for 4 months is a crime! Trying to convince healthy people to act like they are sick and dying is evil. By fearmongering and misinforming the public about covid risks he has committed domestic terrorism.

His leadership during the pandemic has been all about him celebrating the incredible job he has done but really it’s just a land and power grab. He loves playing the role of the guy saving homeless people so much that he wants to create more homeless people with his policies so he can continue to play the savior. This is exactly what he did when he was San Francisco mayor. He left the city far worse than how he found it. Now he is doing the same thing with this whole State.

I have been a licensed chiropractor in California for over 20 years. The lockdown policies have been completely overblow and overextended. This virus has a 99% recovery rate. The statistics do not justify such a long lockdown or these ridiculous social distancing and mask wearing ordinances. My small business has been destroyed, as have the businesses of most of my colleagues, friends, neighbors and local shops. I have friends in the entertainment, spa, fitness, and music industries that are all suffering from these horrible policies. I have friends who are professional single mothers who struggle to feed their children. Most of us are looking to leave the State.

There are so many other areas where Newsom has gotten it wrong. He is asking private property owners to become a welfare system by encouraging renters to stop paying rent. At the same time he will increase property and other taxes. So essentially he is not just screwing property owners by making them become the welfare system… he is asking them to pay higher taxes for the privilege of being the welfare system. He is charging them more money to offer their housing for free!!!

I don’t know anyone who can afford higher taxes right now. Why would anyone support his policy to raise taxes???

He wants to give 75 million dollars to people who are not US citizens. I am sure that 75 million dollars could go a long way to support Californians!!

He has released convicted criminals who have murdered women back out onto the streets to protect the inmates from getting covid. Why couldn’t he just put them in masks and 6 feet apart if that is an effective way to prevent illness?

We have a $54 Billion dollar deficit in California, are on the brink of bankruptcy and all he does is whine and complain about a Federal bailout because he doesn’t know how to balance a budget. He wants this to be a Sanctuary State, which essentially means he wants to support the whole world on his California budget. That is completely unsustainable and will never work. Anyone who cares about people would know this kind of policy cannot successfully help people in need.

For these and so many other reasons I want to Recall Newsom. Having a great smile and wonderful dreamy ideas does not make his tyranny any more palatable. We need sanity now. Let’s get him out and replace him!

Thanks! I’m out circulating petitions and supporting this effort 100%.