Jeff from San Diego County

I believe Newsome should be recalled for a host of reasons.

  • Newsome has prioritized illegal immigrants over California citizens with free handouts.
  • Newsom has also skewed science related to COVID-19 to fit his political agenda. Newsom is more concerned about being in control and punishing those who oppose his rule. For example, Newsom has targeted Orange County, which historically is more conservative, because the local leaders defied his orders by re-opening the beaches and eliminating the mask mandate. Now the whole state is to be punished for the apparent sins of a few.
  • Newsom claims that there is a budget shortfall. Well, then get all people back to work, removing the lockdown restrictions so that people can be as efficient as possible.
  • Newsom has targeted people of faith by exploiting science to effectively shut down peoples’ freedom of assembly to worship.
  • Sanctuary state and prisoner release programs. Again Newsom has prioritized criminals over law abiding citizens.

The bottom line is simple. Newsom is not leading this state. He is simply attempting to consolidate power.