Larry from San Bernardino county

A 13 yo girl died from a carjacking yesterday because of Newsom’s policy to require no bail for people who commit crimes. For some reason he feels the safety of a criminal takes priority over that of the citizens of this state. The citizens should be able to hold him PERSONALLY responsible for his decisions that endanger the public. Newsom is a friend of the criminals and an extreme danger to ordinary citizens of the state of California. Don’t wait till you or your loved one are the victim before you do something about this.

Other reasons: Sanctuary state – how about asking the people. Changing what the people of this state voted for – the death penalty. Healthcare to illegals. Covid-19 support payments to illegals. Does he have the faintest idea what illegal means. With the direction we are headed there is no advantage to becoming a “citizen” of this country, you can be here illegally and get more benefits than the citizens get

Lets look at what he says he has done.

1) increase funding for public education – I haven’t seen this,

2) protect and secure Californians’ health and health care – which Californian’s, the illegal ones? ,

3) improve water, roads, and bridges – OMG he hasn’t done any of that , we have, we have been taxed through the nose to fund every whim he decides to do,

4) address the challenges of housing affordability and homelessness – he addressing the housing problem by commandeering hotels and spending our money to do it then ya he did that.

5) prepare for the threats of wildfires. What did he do to be able to say this???

Our budget is balanced – ya on the backs of every person paying a 50.5 cent tax on the gas for their car.

Our fiscal reserves are unprecedented – again because we are so heavily taxed on everything from gasoline to cable TV to cell phone service to utilities in addition to very high sales taxes.

Our economy and employment are historically strong – this is of no help from Newsom, he continually makes owning a business in CA harder and so costly it can’t be continued , many businesses have already left CA and mom and pops have shut down.

What has he eliminated to make any of this happen? Nothing!!!!!

If Gavin Newsom is not required to follow the laws of the federal government and the state of CA then why should we be required to follow the laws of the state????