Update: July 16, 2020

Thanks to YOU, to-date we have submitted more than twice as many petitions as the previous effort at this point. Momentum is building. BEWARE: Recall “petitions” on Change.org are not valid. Only petitions that are printed and have original signatures in ink are accepted by the California Secretary of State, and the ONLY valid petitions are right here.

Let’s keep up the momentum!

Key points:

  1.  Anybody can circulate this petition. It is as easy as A. B. C.
    A. Download and print the petition,
    If printing the larger form, (DOUBLE CHECK MARGINS FOR CORRECT PAPER SIZE) be aware you may have to adjust printer settings when printing the larger forms. Top margin should be just over an inch, the right and left margins should be just over ½ an inch.  The boxes to the right of the signature lines should be an inch wide on the inside.
    B. Circulate the petition and fill out the declaration.
    C. Turn the form in. Forms may be turned in to your County Coordinator, listed under the (COUNTY info) tab. Or mail the Forms in to the address listed on the bottom of each form, that address is:
    Recall Newsom, PO Box 417030, Sacramento, CA 95841

Please read the instructions prior to circulating.

  1. The “Official Top Funder Form” does need to be displayed while circulating. The form is mostly blank because there currently are no sponsors who qualify. The form is found under the (ABOUT US) tab on our website:
  1. Weekly Virtual Town Halls are held each Wednesday at 6:45, hosted by the lead Proponent Orrin Heatlie, facilitated by Dr. Cordie Williams, with speakers Steve Frank and Tom Del Beccaro of CaRevival.com and special guest appearances. Enter your email under the (STAY CONNECTED) tab to be sent important updates and information.
  1. It is important that people enter their daily signing events into the website at the following link, so others in your area will be able to find them. https://recallgavin2020.com/submit-your-signing-event/
  1. It is also very important that businesses willing and able to carry the petition register their information into the website, so others in the area will be able to find them.
  1. Remember, a battle worth fighting requires funding. This movement can only succeed if we all do our part gathering signatures and help fund the fight. Please Donate today and again when you can.  Every donation made to this website goes directly to the recall effort.  The recallgavin2020 team are all volunteers and there are no management expenses.  You may make donations at:


From all of us at the recallgavin2020.com team, we want to thank you for helping in this effort.