Entries by Dan Seoane

Todd from Los Angeles County

I want to see Newsom recalled because he signed SB276 which makes it impossible for a child to obtain a medical exemption from vaccines and requires that children without every vaccine on the exploded schedule be kicked out of both public and private school. I also want him recalled because of his tyrannical edicts under […]

Eric from Sacramento County

We need look no further than the condition (as mayor) Gavin Newsom left San Francisco in. And now he’s doing the same thing to our entire state. There are many individual and independent reasons to recall Gavin and any one is of them could stand alone as a qualifier, however at this point I think […]

Dairenn from Los Angeles County

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California; I thought I would retire here, buy property here and enjoy the weather, the night life, the music, the beach and the sun during the summer. Instead, businesses are fleeing a state with among the most punitively oppressive set of taxes and regulations, and taking the […]

UPDATE: June11, 2020

CALL TO ACTION: The petition to recall Governor Newsom was given approval by the Secretary of State, to begin circulating June 10, 2020 at 5:27 pm pst.  We now have just 160 days to gather 2 million signatures and we need your help to do that.  This is a monumental and historic challenge we have […]

Tony from Riverside County

I believe Gavin Newsom has demonstrated poor leadership skills and panders to criminals and illegals. Governor Newsom must abide by Local, State and Federal laws like any public servant. However; he is supporting Sanctuary Cities and maintaining Calfiornia as a Sanctuary State in direct violation of the laws he swore to uphold. He does not […]

Sarah from Orange County

I believe Governor Newsom should be recalled based on his blatant disregard for the limits on governmental authority and the protection of personal liberties which are both enshrined in the Constitution. In the midst of the Covid-19 situation, he has assumed emergency powers for an indefinite amount of time with no sign of handing back […]

Marije from El Dorado County

Bear in mind, Governor Newsom, that you work for us. We, the American people give VALUE. This is what our small businesses and lives do for the success of this state. We find that politicians, particularly you serving as our California governor, are not giving VALUE! Governor Newsom! Without the people in your state, who […]

Kelly from Los Angeles County

I have many generations of Californians behind me in my family. My Grandmother on my mothers side was from Italy and settled in Los Angeles in the 1800’s outside of Alvera Street in the Italian section of town where they were farmers. She always said, that California’s weather was just like Italy.  She was baptized […]

Angelo From San Francisco County

I lived in San Francisco when this disaster called Gavin Newsom became mayor. His policies have brought the once great city to it’s knees. Now San Francisco is no longer known for its sourdough bread, beautiful Coit tower, or magnificent Golden Gate park, but for rampant drug (not homeless) camps, open intravenous drug use, and feces strewn […]