Dairenn from Los Angeles County

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California; I thought I would retire here, buy property here and enjoy the weather, the night life, the music, the beach and the sun during the summer. Instead, businesses are fleeing a state with among the most punitively oppressive set of taxes and regulations, and taking the well-paying jobs that they create with them. While this has been going on for years, and much of the blame is deservedly shared by the state legislature, this governor represents more of the same economic retrograde and none of the pro-freedom forward thinking a once great state desperately needs.

Under Gavin Newsom, the California FTB gets to kick back and cash up to a hundred billion dollars in checks from the taxes collected from Silicon Valley and Hollywood. And in return, we get woefully inadequate infrastructure (no desalinization plants to protect against drought, no nuclear power keeping the price of electricity high, no new refineries keeping gasoline prices high, no new highway capacity or passenger train network expansion ever lengthening commutes). And a state Attorney General that fights AGAINST a Federal Government working to protect law abiding citizens trying to get an education here, run businesses and provide for their families in this state. Instead, this is a place where human traffickers, traffickers of illegal narcotics, international criminals feel welcome and safe.

And then, when the science on the true rate of infection and mortality of the novel coronavirus became apparent after the initially justified shutdown, this governor chose to ignore the science and the data and persist Endless Lockdown. Endless Lockdown which, with no doubt at all, directly contributed to increased rates of unemployment, domestic violence, drug abuse, alcoholism and suicide. Instead of fighting to become the voice of reason against fear and anxiety, Gavin Newsom leveraged Covid Paranoia to expand his power well beyond the reasonable limits of dealing with a public health emergency. Instead of flattening the curve to prevent having more sick people than ICU beds, we flattened the economy, blew a $40+ Billion hole in the state budget, and cost far more human lives than the Actual Coronavirus itself ever would have taken.

The handling of Novel Coronavirus alone amounts to nothing less than an absolutely atrocity. I will not tolerate a governor that ridicules and condemns people looking to balance the truth about this disease with the need to live life as intended for Human Beings to live as dangerous or reckless. I won’t put up with a governor that legitimizes a Highly Questionable overseas communist regime as part of the efforts of an American State to address Coronavirus.

I also won’t stand for a governor that does not stand up for perhaps the most important of all of our first-responders working on the front lines in our law enforcement community. But when My Home State became overran by violent people looking to once again exploit a tragedy in order to advance a Radical Anarchist Vision for the future of America, Newsom did not stand for law and order. He did not stand for civil discussion instead of burning police cars and killing people. He did not speak up for the many honorable and brave law enforcement officers of ever race. He did not empower the National Guard to do their jobs and save lives and property. Instead, Gavin Newsom stood by and let California Cities burn, and focused instead on trying to appease an angry mob for which no amount of capitulation or self-flagellation will EVER be enough.

This is not the governor who represents me. He does not represent the law abiding citizens of Californians looking to live in a state that protects the right to free speech, to assemble PEACEFULLY, to protect ourselves from physical harm. He does not represent the Californians looking to have access to the services, resources an infrastructure that we pay for. And therefore, as a result, Gavin Newsom is absolutely without a doubt wholly unfit to go on in has role as Governor of the state of California.