Update:  September 25, 2020

Statewide Recall efforts have grown considerably.  Signature counts continue to break internal records daily and more mail keeps pouring into our mail room.  Due to the amount of mail we are receiving, we have opened a second mailroom to handle the additional volume.

Take Note, the secretary of state website does not reflect the number of signatures we have received.  This is because all petitions are currently being sent to a third party vendor for validation and safe keeping. Although we are making great strides, the game is not over.  We need everybody who is willing and able to help us gather more signatures, time is ticking. please SIGN, CIRCULATE AND DONATE:

The CA GOP has officially endorsed this recall effort.  Earlier in the week Guest speakers CA GOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson, along with Darrell Issa joined Lead proponents Mike Netter and Orrin Heatlie on the weekly recall town hall. You can view a recording of the town hall at this link: VIDEOS | RECALL GAVIN  If you would like to join into our town hall, please enter your email on our website here, under the stay connected tab, so we can send you a reminder with the link to join the meeting.

The Libertarian Party has also endorsed this recall effort.  Members of the Libertarian Executive Committee will be guest speakers on next weeks town hall.  Sign up to the website to stay informed and up to date on current recall events.
Click here is the latest coverage from OANN on the recall effort