Update: August 3, 2020

We are working towards our objective of 2 million signatures and we are getting closer to our goal!
We’ve hired a third-party vendor to verify signatures and hold the signed petitions for safe keeping in light of many registrar’s offices being closed to the public; some are not even accepting signed petitions, except by mail.  This is not acceptable, and we are working on a solution. We will not be making the regularly scheduled signed petition deliveries with the registrar until this is resolved. We will be updating our preliminary count once the professionals have completed the process.
The volunteer coalition has grown from 50,000 members at the start of this recall in June to over 105,000 volunteer members today.  If each of those members were to gather just 20 signatures, this recall will qualify for a special election to be held.
Your donations are critical to the success of this movement.  Every bit helps.  Whether large or small, please donate today if you can afford to do so.
Please sign, circulate, and donate!  If you live in California or have business or family here, you cannot afford to sit this one out.
The most current “Official Top Funder” form is required to be displayed while circulating.  It has been updated for August.  You can find the form at https://recallgavin2020.com/officialtopfunders.

Thank you in advance for your help and contribution in this cause.