Today a Federal District Judge in Los Angeles DENIED a lawsuit brought by a Newsom supporter trying to stop the recall claiming it was unconstitutional. We always believed the lawsuit had no merit and the same will be true if the plaintiff tries to bring an emergency appeal.
The Recall Election continues as scheduled for September 14, 2021 and mail-in ballots have already gone out.
Lead Proponent Orrin Heatlie stated, “This is another victory for the people of California. We can win this. Vote YES on question number 1!”
Main proponent Mike Netter added, “Newsom’s team apparently believes that desperate times call for desperate measures. Yet another bogus lawsuit by desperate Newsom backers.”
The Recall team’s Lead Lawyer Eric Early added, “The lawsuit should never have been brought. Any effort to appeal will also have no merit. It’s time for Newsom and his comrades to stop burdening the Courts with meritless lawsuits and face the will of the people.”